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September 1, 1997 to September 30, 1997
September 30, 1997
A magnitude 6.5 quake occurred under the ocean south of Tokyo, Japan. A tsunami warning was issued but was recalled when no tsunami were detected after an hour.
*Torrential rains in southern Spain caused flooding and resulted in at least three deaths (Washington Post/AP).
September 29, 1997
Explosive volcanic activity continues at Montserrat where at least five explosive events have occurred in the past two days (MVO morning report 9/29, and MVO Daily report 9/28)
September 28, 1997
Deadly quakes strike Indonesia (magnitude 6.0) (CNN report) and northern Chile (magnitude 5.8).
September 26, 1997
Italian quakes kill 11, damage historic buildings and artwork (CNN) (Washington Post/AP). Largest quake measured 5.9.
*A 5.9 earthquake shook the Banda Sea.
September 25, 1997
South African quakes injure miners, damage mineshaft in the East Rand area (Reuters).
*A 5.5 earthquake occurred in the mid-Indian Ocean.
*Explosive eruptions, pyroclastic flows continue on Montserrat (MVO daily report).
September 24, 1997
Ongoing explosive eruptions on Montserrat destroyed three villages and have prompted consideration of the forced evacuation of people remaining in the exclusion zones. Related stories: Reuters, Volcano World, MVO daily report.
September 23, 1997
A minor (4.9) quake near Kuwait is the most recent in a series that have occurred there in the last few days, producing no reported injuries or damages (Reuters).
September 21, 1997
Volcanic ash set fire to the Montserrat Airport and buried part of the runway (Washington Post/AP).
*A 6.2 quake hit the Lake Tanganyika area.
September 20, 1997
Two earthquakes of mag. 6.9 and 5.7 occurred near the Kermadec Islands in the southern Pacific.
September 19, 1997
A 4.0 quake shook the San Bernardino Mountains near Big Bear Lake, California. No damages were reported (Reuters).
September 17, 1997
The northern Molucca Sea experienced a 5.8 quake with no reported damage.
*Minor damage from a 3.8 quake near Trumann, Arkansas (Washington Post/AP).
September 16, 1997
Volcanic gas kills four hikers on Adatara Volcano in Japan (GVN).
September 15, 1997
A mag. 5.7 quake occurred on the Philippine Islands with no reports of damage or injuries.
September 12, 1997
Pacific-Antarctic Ridge hit by a mag. 5.6 earthquake.
*Mudslide Damages Seattle Homes (Washington Post/AP). A mudslide that neighbors suspected was caused by a broken water main damaged four homes, one severely, and buried a private road.
September 10, 1997
A mag. 6.1 quake occurred in the Tonga Islands group with no reports of damage or tsunami generation.
September 8, 1997
Pyroclastic flows and higher pressures at Montserrat indicate a possibly imminent explosive event (Washington Post/AP). Today's flows and quakes prompt heightened concern (MVO daily report).
September 7, 1997
A 5.2 earthquake hit the Tokyo area early Monday with no reports of damage or injuries (Washington Post/AP).
*A small (4.1) earthquake struck Iran (CNN).
*Mag. 5.6 quakes in Pakistan and the Solomon Islands.
September 6, 1997
People missing after California mudslides that were caused by severe thunderstorms (CNN).
*A small (mag. 4.0) earthquake rattled Oklahoma.
September 4, 1997
A man was killed by volcanic debris from Mt. Semeru, located in Indonesia about 400 km east of Jakarta (Washington Post/AP). Ash eruptions have been reported from the volcano for at least a month.
*A magnitude 6.1 quake occurred in the Fiji Islands.
*Thunderstorms caused flash flooding in Southern California (Washington Post/AP).
September 2, 1997
A magnitude 6.7 quake occurred in Columbia this morning. There have been no reports of injury. (Reuters).


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