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Earth Happenings Archive
September 10, 2000 to September 28, 2000
Sept. 28, 2000
A magnitude 4.0 earthquake hit Turkey's central Anatolian province of Cankiri on Wednesday at 3:19 p.m. local time, but there were no immediate reports of injuries or damage. ( Discovery Earth Alert).
Sept. 25, 2000
Two earthquakes hit Indonesia on Friday and Saturday, but there were no immediate reports of injuries or damage from either tremor. ( Discovery Earth Alert).
Sept. 21, 2000
Mexican officials reported on Wednesday that a new lava dome had formed on Popocatepetl Volcano, causing fears that a major eruption could soon occur. ( Discovery Earth Alert).
Sept. 18, 2000
A blazing wildfire raged across more than 600 acres of mountain terrain west of Boulder, Colo., during the weekend, forcing the evacuation of 200 homes. The fire was the fifth major wildfire in Colorado this season. ( Discovery Earth Alert).
Sept. 15, 2000
Activity at the Soufriere Hills volcano has continued at an elevated level this week, with rockfalls still dominating the seismicity. ( Smithsonian Institution Global Volcanism Program).
Sept. 13, 2000
China's northwestern province of Qinghai was struck by a 6.6 magnitude earthquake at 8:28 a.m. Beijing time on Tuesday. (Discovery Earth Alert).
The Andean Mountains of northeastern Columbia were shaken by a 5.9 magnitude earthquake at 5:54 a.m. local time on Tuesday. (Discovery Earth Alert).
Sept. 10, 2000
The stratovolcano Tavurvur began to show increased signs of activity last week and erupted on September 6th. No alerts have been issued. (Volcano World).


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