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October 1, 1998 to October 31, 1998
October 29, 1998
Widespread flooding from Hurricane Mitch has left 32 people dead in Honduras (Washington Post/AP).
October 28, 1998
The northern Molucca Sea was shaken by a magnitude 6.2 earthquake. No tsunami were reported.
October 27, 1998
Nyamuragira volcano, located in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, has been erupting lava since October 17th (CNN/Reuters).
*Quakes today occurred off the east coast of Japan (mag 5.7), and in Sulawesi (mag. 5.6) and Halamahera (mag. 5.9), Indonesia.
October 25, 1998
Japan's Mount Komagatake erupted last night, sprinkling the nearby town of Shikabe with ash (Washington Post/AP).
*Mt. Etna began to erupt again for the ninth time since September 15th (Boris Behncke's Etna News).
*Heavy rains from Cyclone Babs brought flooding and landslides to Taiwan today (Washington Post/AP).
October 24, 1998
Cyclone Babs has caused numerous landslides and floods in the Philippines, where 129 people have been reported killed (Washington Post/AP). Babs is now heading for Taiwan.
October 22, 1998
Twenty-nine people have been killed and over 7,000 remain homeless after the worst flooding in 70 years sweeps through Texas (Washington Post/AP).
October 20, 1998
At least twenty people heave been killed by severe flooding in Texas (Washington Post/AP).
October 19, 1998
Thousands of people were evacuated and some plantations were destroyed by an eruption (on Sunday) of Mt. Merapi, located in Indonesia on the island of Java. Most residents have since been able to return to their homes (Discovery Channel Online).
*The Vanuatu Islands were shaken by a magnitude 5.7 quake.
*Heavy rains brought floods in Bali, where floodwaters reaches depths up to 5 feet (Discovery Channel Online).
October 18, 1998
The Volcano Islands region experienced a magnitude 5.7 quake today.
*A magnitude 5.5 earthquake struck the Mariana Islands.
October 15, 1998
A magnitude 5.5 quake occurred in the Nicobar Islands.
October 14, 1998
Flooding from the overflow of the Kainji Hydro Electric Dam in Nigeria has left over 10,000 people homeless (Discovery Channel Online).
October 11, 1998
Italy's Mt. Etna continues to erupt (Boris Behncke's Etna News).
October 10, 1998
Two earthquakes (mag. 5.6 and 6.1) struck Indonesia's Minahassa Peninsula today.
October 8, 1998
A magnitude 6.3 earthquake shook southern Peru. No serious damage has been reported.
October 7, 1998
Volcanic activity at Manam Volcano, located in Papua New Guinea has intensified. People living near the volcano have been warned to evacuate (Volcano World).
October 6, 1998
In the last couple of days over 30 phreatic eruptions have occurred at Guagua Pichincha volcano, located near Quito, the capital of Ecuador. Guagua Pichincha has not had a magmatic eruption since 1660 A.D. (Boris Behncke's Italy's Volcanoes page;Volcano World). Daily updates (in spanish) can be found at IBM Ecuador.
October 3, 1998
A deep, magnitude 5.8 quake shook the Ryukyu Islands.
*The South Sandwich Islands experiences a magnitude 5.5 quake today.
October 1, 1998
A shallow, magnitude 5.5 quake occurred along the northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge.


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