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November 1, 1997 to November 30, 1997
November 28, 1997
A remote region of Peru was struck by a deep magnitude 6.3 quake (Reuters). No damage or casualties were reported.
November 25, 1997
A mag. 6.8 quake shook the Minahassa Peninsula, Sulawesi, Indonesia. No damage was reported (Reuters).
*Moderate volcanic activity, which began yesterday, continues at Popocatepetl Volcano in Mexico (CENAPRED daily report).
November 24, 1997
A swarm of over 900 earthquakes shook the Mammoth Lakes region in California over the weekend (Reuters and Long Valley Caldera Current Conditions detailed report).
*A man was killed by toxic gas emitted by Mt. Aso in southern Japan (Reuters).
November 23, 1997
Heavy rains in eastern Uganda caused landslides and flooding. At least 20 people were killed when their homes were washed away by landslides (CNN/Reuters). Flooding continues in East Africa where over 120,000 people have been left homeless by the heavy rains (CNN/Reuters).
*A magnitude 5.8 quake occurred in central Japan. No injuries or damages were reported.
November 21, 1997
A building collapsed and killed three people when a magnitude 6.0 quake struck Bangladesh (CNN/Reuters).
*Flooding and mudslides, related to El Nino, killed 27 people in Equador (CNN/AP).
November 18, 1997
Tens of thousands of people flee their homes as flooding continues in Somalia (CNN/Reuters; CNN Quicktime Movie).
*Earthquakes shake southern Greece (mag. 6.4; Reuters) and the Kermadec Islands region (mag. 5.8). No damage has been reported.
November 16, 1997
Southern Sumatra, Indonesia experienced a mag. 5.6 earthquake.
November 15, 1997
A series of quakes struck eastern Hokkaido, Japan. The largest quake had a mag.of 6.0. (CNN/Reuters). No damage was reported.
*A moderate quake (mag. 5.3) occurred near Bishop California; (CNN/Reuters).
*Another large quake occurred today in the Vanuatu Islands (mag. 6.6).
*Eye witness reports indicate that Pacaya Volcano in Guatemala is in eruption (Global Volcanism Program Report).
November 13, 1997
Severe floods continue in Solamia where over 400 people have been killed and another 150,000 remain homeless (CNN).
*A magnitude 5.7 quake occurred in the Soloman Islands.
November 10, 1997
Quakes today strike El Salvador (mag. 5.7), north of Ascension Island (mag. 5.6), and south of Honshu, Japan (mag. 5.7). No injuries or damage have been reported.
November 8, 1997
A magnitude 7.9 quake struck Tibet. The region is very remote and there have been no reported casualties (CNN/Reuters). This was the largest earthquake ever recorded in that region and ties April's Vanuatu Islands earthquake for the largest quake of the year.
*Over 300,000 people remain homeless after floods continue in Somalia ().
November 6, 1997
Flash floods sweep through Portugal & western Spain killing at least 24 people (Washington Post/AP).
*Southeast Canada and the northeast US were shaken by a magnitude 5.2 quake centered near Quebec City. Minor bamage was reported (Washington Post/AP).
November 5, 1997
A magnitude 5.6 quake occurred in central Greece.
November 4, 1997
Typhoon Linda devastates the coast of Vietnam where over a hundred people have been reported dead (CNN).
*Floods in East Africa are reported as the worst in 40 years and are predicted to get worse over the next ten days (CNN/Reuters).
November 3, 1997
A magnitude 6.2 quake shook Chile in the viciity of last month's mag. 6.8 quake. Only minor damage was reported (Reuters).
November 2, 1997
A moderate quake (mag. 5.3) struck western Nevada (Washington Post/AP)).
*Heavy rains caused severe floods in Ethiopia (CNN/AP) and Somalia (CNN/AP). Over 57 people have been killed in Ethiopia and another 4,000 have been displaced.


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