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November 16, 1996 to November 30, 1996
November 30, 1996
MVO raised the Montserrat Volcano alert level to Code Orange on Thursday (CNN) based on an increase in rockfalls on the mountain. Monserrat Volcano Observatory (MVO) issuded an updated report this morning. Check the Government of Montserrat page for updates on the condition of the volcano.
November 29, 1996
A mag 4.3 quake occurred on the New Madrid Fault along the Arkansas/Missouri border at 11:41 PM local time last night. The earthquake was felt throughout the area (CNN 11/29/96). For more information on the history of the New Madrid Fault see the Saint Louis University Earthquake Center.
Meanwhile, a total of 82 aftershocks with a magnitude greater than 2.0 have been recorded in the Coso volcanic range in Southern California. (LA Times 11/29/96)
November 27, 1996
A magitude 5.0 quake occurred in Southern California at 12:17 PST. The quake occurred in the geothermal area of the Coso volcanic range about 30 miles north of Ridgecrest and was followed by 37 aftershocks with magnitudes between 2.0 and 3.8. (LA Times 11/28/96)
November 25, 1996
A state of emergency was declared by the government of Honduras this weekend after 10 days of rain and subsequent flooding left more than 63,000 people homeless. MSNBC also reported today on some of the long-term effects of the 1991 eruption of Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines.
November 21, 1996
Heavy rains causes mudslides in Oregon, including a large slide in Douglas County that obliterated a house and killed 4 people (MSNBC). Later in the day a section of I-5 collapsed forming a 30-ft deep sinkhole (Oregon Gazette-Times). Meanwhile, the worst floods in 42 years, caused by eleven days of tropical rain, have left over 40,000 people homeless in Honduras (MSNBC).
November 19, 1996
A magnitude 7.1 quake occurred in eastern Kashmir at 10:44 GMT.
In Italy, heavy rains have flooded Venice in over one meter of water and have triggered a number of landslides (CNN and MSNBC reports). Meanwhile, flash floods continue for the sixth straight day in Egypt (MSNBC).
November 18, 1996
Floods in both the Caribbean and western Mediterranean, caused by heavy weekend rains, have triggered landslides and left many people homeless. Cuba and Jamaica are recovering from floods which have left over 6,000 homeless. Meanwhile, freak rain storms in the desert have resulted in heavy flooding in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. (Reports from MSNBC 11/18/96.)


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