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October 29, 1996 to November 15, 1996
November 12, 1996
A magnitude 6.4 quake occurred in Peru at 16:59 GMT. The earthquake was followed by a number of large (over mag. 5.0) aftershocks. The Tsunami warning network states that, "no destructive Pacific-wide tsunami threat exists". Late on Tuesday CNN reported over 500 injuries and 15 deaths.
November 8, 1996
CNN reports that the Icelandic outburst floods have receded. (Watch a quicktime move of the crater formed over the former lake.) Meanwhile, oceanographers report that the plume of fresh water from the flood has extended 35 km out to sea (see the Daily News from Iceland.
A major cyclone hit India yesterday dropping almost 25 cm of rain in the coastal city of Kakinada. Heavy rainfall has caused major flooding and over 670 deaths.
November 7, 1996
After a discharge increase of 80 to 100 times in 2 hours, peak discharge of the Icelandic outburst floods reached a maximum of 45,000 cubic meters a second near midnight on November 5th/6th (Photo). It is now estimated that the lake has been totally emptied and total flood damage has been estimated at 10-15 million US$. For more information on the eruption and the flood see the updated links on our current feature, the most recent report from NordVulk, and the Daily News from Iceland.
November 6, 1996
Outburst floods accompany a new Icelandic eruption. Recent reports indicate that the lake produced by last months subglacial eruptions in Iceland has begun to empty into the Skeidara River, producing massive flooding. Meanwhile, a second subglacial volcano erupted, producing a 4,500-meter column of ash. For more information, see our current feature on the Icelandic eruption.
A magnitude 6.6 earthquake occurred at 20.01 GMT in the western Pacific (near the Bonin Islands).
November 5, 1996
AVO reported the strongest eruption yet of Pavlov Volcano (AK) since volcanic activity began on September 15th, 1996. On November 4th, scientists at the Alaska Volcanoes Observatory (AVO) reported ash plumes reaching 7,500 m and spreading 250 km downwind. Pavlov has been erupting Strombolian-like fire-fountains of lava almost continuously for the last seven weeks. For more information and a video clip of the eruption visit AVO.
November 4, 1996
A mag 4.9 quake occurred at 22:54 GMT in Oregon (offshore).
A magnitude 6.1 earthquake occurred at 17.24 GMT along the Panama/Columbia border.
November 1, 1996
Scientists at the Kaliurand monitoring center issued an evacuation warning for people living in the vicinity of Mt. Merapi on the Indonesian island of Java. The warning was issued because of increased seismic and volcanic activity. Mt Merapi last erupted in November 1994, killing more than 65 people and injuring more than 100 others.
October 29, 1996
Popocatepetl, located 32 km south of Mexico City, erupted without warning at 9:05 PM (local time) October 28th, producing a column of ash that reached an altitude of about 9,000 meters. No injuries were reported. CNN has a short Quicktime movie of the eruption.


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