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March 1, 1998 to March 31, 1998
March 31, 1998
A short eruption of Popocatepetl volcano in Mexico created a 1000-meter collum of ash (CNN/AP;(Global Vocanism Network))
*Flooding in Quebec, caused by heavy rains, has killed 2 people (CNN/AP).
March 29, 1998
The Fiji Islands were shaken by a deep, magnitude 6.4 quake. No tsunami were reported.
March 28, 1998
On Friday, AVO reported a "an unusual cloud or steam plume in the vicinity of Spurr Volcano". No other indications of volcanic activity have been detected.
*A magnitude 5.9 quake shook the Loyalty Islands.
March 27, 1998
A magnitude 5.7 quake occurred in Irian Jaya, Indonesia.
March 26, 1998
Central Italy was shaken by a mag. 5.4 quake in the same region were 11 people were killed last year by a series of earthquakes. No injuries have been reported (Reuters).
March 25, 1998
A magnitude 7.9 quake occurred in the Balleny Islands region, off the coast of Antarctica. A number of large aftershocks shook the region later in the day (mag. 6.1, 5.8, and 5.0). No tsunami were generated.
March 24, 1998
Reports from Tokyo indicate a minor eruption of Sakura-Jima Volcano occurred today. Reports also indicate that Pacaya Volcano in Guatemala is erupting ash and lava. (Global Volcanism Network)
*Heavy rains and floods in Cuba have killed 4 people and seriously damaged the country's sugar crop (CNN/Reuters).
March 23, 1998
The Global Volcanism Network reports two ash/steam eruptions of Popocatepetl Volcano in Mexico, including a short (4 minute) eruption yesterday and a longer (15 minute) eruption today.
March 22, 1998
A shallow, magnitude 6.1 quake occurred on the Mid-Indian Rift.
March 21, 1998
A week of large quakes continues with reports of a magnitude 6.2 quake in the Greenland Sea and a deep, magnitude 6.0 quake in the Hindu Kush Region of Afganistan. The earthquake in Afganistan occurred in the same region as last months quake that killed over 4,000 people (Reuters). No reports of damage or injuries have been received although the region is quite remote.
March 20, 1998
The Auckland Islands were shaken by a magnitude 6.0 quake. No tsunami were reported.
*The rainy season has begun in Tanzania, where unusually heavy spring rains have already caused flooding (CNN/Reuters).
March 19, 1998
Large earthquakes shook northwestern China (mag. 6.0)CNN/Reuters) and the western Caroline Islands (mag. 5.8). Only minor damages were reported.
March 16, 1998
A magnitude 5.8 quake occurred in the Kuril Islands.
March 15, 1998
The eruption of Piton de la Fournaise volcano on Reunion Island and Volcano Map) continues. For more information see the island's local newspaper (Le Journal de l'Ile [with daily photos and text in French]) and Volcano Museum (The Maison du Volcan).
*Aftershocks continue to shake Iran after yesterdays earthquake (Washington Post/AP).
March 14, 1998
A magnitude 6.9 quake struck southeastern Iran. Although it was a large earthquake only 5 deaths and a few dozen injuries have been reported (CNN; Washington Post/AP). Local officials attribute the low number of injuries to better construction after a quake in 981 killed over 1,000 people.
March 12, 1998
Lava continues to erupt from Piton de la Fournaise volcano on Reunion Island. A new eruptive fissure opened today on the southwestern side of the cone (Global Volcanism Network).
March 11, 1998
A magnitude 4.5 earthquake shook southern California (CNN/AP).
March 9, 1998
Lava has erupted from Piton de la Fournaise volcano on Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean for the first time since 1992 (Global Volcanism Network). The eruption was preceeded by a buildup of seismic activity since the begining of the year. (More information from Volcano World).
*Over 2,000 people had to be evacuated and 6 were killed when heavy rains caused flooding in Alabama and Georgia (CNN).
March 6, 1998
A magnitude 5.3 quake struck southern California 17 miles west of the town of Little Lake (CNN/AP). The quake was followed by a number of moderate aftershocks.
March 5, 1998
Over 1,500 people are still missing after Wednesday's flash floods in Pakistan that killed at least 300 people. The floods were caused by heavy rains (CNN/AP).
March 4, 1998
Flash floods in southwestern Pakistan yesterday killed over 100 people and left another 500,000 homeless (CNN/AP).
*Torrential rain, related to El Nino, caused a major mudslide in the village of Rio Cana (CNN/Reuters). At least 17 people were killed.
March 2, 1998
Tokyo VAAV reported an eruption of Sakura-jima Volcano in Japan today.
March 1, 1998
A magnitude 6.0 earthquake occurred off the southern coast of Japan yesterday. No injuries or tsunami were reported (CNN/Reuters).


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