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March 3, 2001 to March 22, 2001
March 22, 2001
On March 19, two earthquakes were felt near Seram, Indonesia. The first was magnitude 6.5 and located 20 miles (30 km) SW of Ambon, Moluccas, Indonesia (National Earthquake Information Center). The second, felt 4 minutes later, was centered 25 miles (40 km) WSW of Ambon, Moluccas, Indonesia and measured at magnitude 5.9 (National Earthquake Information Center).
Volcanic activity is continuing at the Merapi Volcano, Java, Indonesia. Hot lava avalanches continue to enter the rivers in the area. Pyroclastic flows traveled ~2.75 km down several rivers. ( Volcano World).
During the week of 14-20 March, several small eruptions were reported at Tungurahua Volcano, Equador. The seismic activity was also at high levels.
On 16 March, volcanic tremor was recorded at Miyake-jima. It was the strongest tremor recorded since August of 2000. Also on 19 March, a black ash cloud rose 800 m above the volcano. Currently, Miyake-jima has been uninhabited since September 2000 due to the volcanic activity that began in June of 2000. ( Volcano World).
March 18, 2001
On March 16, a 5.5 magnitude earthquake was felt 45 miles (70 km) northwest of Homer, Alaska (National Earthquake Information Center).
Also on March 16, a 5.3 magnitude earthquake was detected 90 miles (140 km) east of Iquique, Chile (National Earthquake Information Center).
March 15, 2001
On March 13, a 5.5 magnitude earthquake was felt 55 miles (90 km) NE of Laoag, Luzon, Philippines (National Earthquake Information Center).
On March 12, a 5.2 magnitude earthquake was detected 285 miles (450 km) northeast of Gisborne, New Zealand (National Earthquake Information Center).
Continued activity has been observed at the Cleveland Volcano. Following the eruption on 11 March, a strong thermal anomaly has been dectected and indicates continued unrest. Further explosive activity could occur at any time. ( Volcano World).
March 12, 2001
On March 8, a 5.9 magnitude earthquake was detected 100 miles (160 km) S of Bengkulu, Sumatera, Indonesia (National Earthquake Information Center).
On March 9, was jolted by a 5.4 magnitude earthquake centered 95 miles (160 km) northwest of Dera Ismail Khan (National Earthquake Information Center).
According to the Tokyo VAAC, the Kliuchevskoi volcano may have erupted on 4 March. An ash cloud was reported to have risen to a height of ~9.5 km and was visible on GMS-5 imagery. ( Volcano World).
On March 11, experts said that Nyamuragira, the 10,010-foot volcano in the eastern Congo that erupted more than a month ago, has increased its output of molten lava. ( Environmental News Network).
March 6, 2001
Today a 5.3 magnitude earthquake was detected 25 miles (40 km) southwest of Chilpancingo, Guerrero, Mexico (National Earthquake Information Center).
On March 5, a 5.8 magnitude earthquake was felt 405 miles (650 km) NW of Lhasa, Xizang (Tibet) (National Earthquake Information Center).
On 22 February, the Colima Volcano experienced a moderate explosion. The resulting ash cloud rose ~2 km above the volcano. Incandescent ballistics were thrown ~3 km away from the volcano and landed on the N, NE, and NW slopes of Colima. Large blocks (several meters in diameter) also rolled ~400 m from the summit. The eruptive column collapsed and produced small pyroclastic flows that moved towards the SW. ( Volcano World).
March 3, 2001
Today a 5.7 magnitude earthquake was detected 90 miles (150 km) west of Temuco, Chile (National Earthquake Information Center).
A 4.8 magnitude earthquake was felt 60 miles (90 km) south of Imphal, India (National Earthquake Information Center).
Guatemala's Instituto Nacional de Sismologia, Vulcanologia, Meterologia e Hidrologia (INSIVUMEH) has reported that there are signs of renewed eruptive activity at the Pacaya Volcano. A seismometer recorded over 700 earthquakes per day. SO2 gas emissions also increased from 253 tons/day to 550 tons/day. ( Volcano World).


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