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June 1, 1997 to June 30, 1997
June 29, 1997
164 die, 20,000 homeless in flooding in India; army aids in rescues(CNN).
*Search continues for volcano victims as death toll rises in Montserrat(Reuters). Soufriere Hills volcano remains active and evacuations continue(CNN/AP). Quicktime movie of Thursday's eruption(CNN).
June 27, 1997
Four dead in yesterday's eruptions at Montserrat, and the ground remains too hot to walk on(CNN/Reuters).The search for the victims continues (Washington Post/AP).Summary of volcanic activity(MVO).
June 26, 1997
First fatalities feared in Montserrat eruptions as pyroclastic activity reaches populated areas(Reuters).Activity also forced the evacuation of Montserrat's only airport(CNN/Reuters).Summary of volcanic activity(MVO).
*Flooding causes 4 deaths in Texas(Washington Post/AP).
*Magnitude 5.6 quake rocks Japan. No casualties reported (Washington Post/AP).
*Magnitude 5.8 quake shakes northern Iran. No casualties reported(Reuters).
June 24, 1997
Earthquakes shake Pacific Northwest including a magnitude 4.9 shake in Puget Sound (Washington Post/AP).Smaller quakes hit elsewhere in the region (Washington Post/AP).
* Flooding in Texas causes evacuations of hundreds of people.(Washington Post/AP).
June 22, 1997
Pyroclastic flows occurred on Montserrat in the Tar River Valley.(MVO).
June 20, 1997
Popocatepetl sends ash a mile into the air on Thursday. This volcano is only 45 miles from Mexico City.(CNN/Reuters)
*Multiple small quakes occurred off southern California. No damage or injuries reported.(Washington Post/AP)
*Quakes also felt in Japan and New Zealand. No damage or injuries reported. (Washington Post/AP)
*An unexpected consequence of the Red River floods of 1997. (CNN/Reuters)
June 18, 1997
Pyroclastic flows and rockfalls at Montserrat happened overnight (late 6/17 local time). "Further pyroclastic flows could occur in any direction, especially in Mosquito Ghaut, Tar River valley, or Gages Valley" (MVO).
*Nepal ordered 7,000 people be evacuated on fears that a glacial lake could burst its banks (CNN/Reuters).
*Warm weather following heavy winter snowfalls have created heavy flooding on the Russian tundra of the Chukotka peninsula, leaving 2,500 stranded and causing millions of dollars in damage (Washington Post/AP).
June 17, 1997
A mag 6.6 quake rattled the Aleutian Islands at 21:03 UT, in a remote area of Alaska. According to the USGS National Earthquake Information Center (NEIC), this was the largest earthquake in the area since a mag 6.7 in April, 1995.
*A mag 5.6 occurred at 22:14 UT in the Santiago del Estero Province, Argentina.
June 16, 1997
"Activity at Pu'u O'o began to increase around 10:00 AM. The crater began overflowing at about 2:30 PM. A large lava flow from Pu'u O'o is moving north toward the forest." (Volcano World/HVO).
June 15, 1997
400 people evacuated from Mt. Karangetang, Indonesia, a volcano that has been issuing lava and clouds of smoke (Nando Times/Agence France-Presse). 3 people are reported dead.
*At Montserrat this weekend, pyroclastic flow and rockfall activity increased, primarily in the Mosquito Ghaut (Montserrat Volcano Observatory).
June 12, 1997
A magnitude 5.9 quake shook east Papua New Guinea. No tsumani have been reported.
June 11, 1997
Popocatepetl volcano erupted a cloud of ash 4 km into atmosphere this morning (Reuters). The eruption was preceded by 15 minutes of continuous volcanic tremor. (See Volcano World for a summary of recent activity at Popocatepetl.)
*Two quakes (magnitude 6.0 and 6.2) occurred in northern Columbia (Reuters report). No injuries or major damage has been reported.
June 10, 1997
Two people were killed today by hot vapor from Karangetang Volcano on an island off the eastern coast of Indonesia. The volcano has been erupting since mid-April (Washington Post/AP).
*A shallow, magnitude 6.1 quake occurred on the East Pacific Rise.
June 9, 1997
Deadly landslides buried villages in China and India. Landslides have killed at least 34 people in the Himalayan state of Sikkim in northeastern India. Over nine slides occurred in the capital city of Gangtok, and over 1,000 people have been evacuated to temporary camps (Reuters and CNN). In a nearby mountainous region of southwest China, 150 people are still missing after a landslide overran four small villages last week (Washington Post/AP and Reuters). The slides in both regions were caused by days of heavy rain.
June 6, 1997
Pyroclastic flow activity has increased on Montserrat. MVO reports that, "the situation at the volcano has reached a very serious stage" and that pyroclastic flows have been nearly continuous for the last few days. SO2 emmisions, equal to record high values from Soufriere Hills Volcano, have also been recorded. (MVO daily reports - June 5 and June 6).
*AVO reports that, "the slight increase in the level of seismicity that began on Sunday, June 1, continued through the week at Pavlof Volcano".
June 2, 1997
Rabaul volcano in Papua New Guinea is erupting ash and pumice. "Ash and pumice fall was so dense in some parts of the city that visibility was down to a few meters" (Volcano World). Also see The National Online (PNG).
*Mud, lava, and ash from last December's eruption of Manam volcano, also in Papua New Guinea, has caused famine in 5 villages (Volcano World).
*A swarm of over 60 eathquakes was recorded under Namakani Paio campground on Kilauea Volcano. The largest quakes had a magnitude of 3.5 (HVO report).
*Alaska Volcano Observatory (AVO) raised the alert level of Pavlov Volcano to Yellow after a low level increase in seismic activity was followed by a small steam eruption. AVO reports that "renewed activity at this time could be expected". A small steam and ash plume was also detected at Shishaldin Volcano in the Aleutian Islands today. (AVO Report).
*5.9 mag quake struck South Sandwich Islands region at 21:24 UT.
June 1, 1997
Geologylink would like to take advantage of the quiet weekend to update the status of some currently erupting volcanoes.
*A report from the volcano list server last week stated that continuous eruptions of tephra have been occurring at Anak Krakatau in Indonesia. These eruptions are sperated by 24-to-48-hour quiet periods. The Indonesian government has recently established a 5 km restricted zone around the volcano. (See Volcano World and the Smithsonian Global Volcanism page for more information).
*Pu`u `O`o crater on Kilauea, which began erupting in February, continues to erupt lava from the central crater and vents along the flank of the volcano. The eruption has been interupted this month by six short (less than a day) pauses in eruptive activity (HVO Volcano Updates with eruption chronology and map of the new lava flows).


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