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July 1, 1997 to July 31, 1997
July 31, 1997
Activity at Montserrat Volcano has increased again. Early this moring the volcano entered a phase of elevated activity which included periods of continuous high amplitude volcanic tremor and ash clouds ejected up to 20,000 feet (MVO Daily Report and Washington Post/AP). For more information see (Volcano World).
*Mount Etna is now erupting from three of its four craters and lava is occasionally overflowing the SE crater (Posted to theVolcano List Server by Boris Behncke and Mauro Coltelli). For up to date information on Etna see (Italy's Volcanos, Istituto Internazionale di Vulcanologia, and the Etna Live Cam).
*A mag. 5.8 quake occurred in the Tanimbar Islands, Indonesia.
July 30, 1997
A large hillside gave way in southern Austalia today and buried a local ski resort. Over 20 people are believed dead (CNN/AP).
*A thunderstorm in Fort Collins, Colorado Monday night dumped 8.4 inches of rain in under 5 hours and caused massive flash floods. Five people have been killed and heavy damage occurred in a number of trailer parks and at Colorado State University (Washington Post 7/29 report and 7/30 report, and Reuters)
July 27, 1997
KVERT raised the alert level of Sheveluch Volcano to Yellow after gas explosions last week rose up to 1.5 km above the crater (KVERT Weekly Update).
July 26, 1997
Typhon Rosie caused flooding and landslides in Japan, where over 40 cm of rain has fallen in less than 24 hours (CNN/AP).
*Meanwhile, the Oder River in Germany continues to rise, reaching it's highest level in 200 years (Wahington Post/AP).
July 25, 1997
A magnitude 5.6 quake, followed by numerous large aftershocks, occurred near the coast of central Chile.
July 23, 1997
Flooding continued in Poland and Germany where "the dike along the rain-swollen Oder River burst Wednesday despite reinforcement by a million soggy sandbags, sending muddy water rushing into lowland villages" (Washington Post/AP).
*Meanwhile, flooding in the southestern U.S., caused by Hurricane Danny, has led to the evacuation of 2,500 people in North Carolina (Washington Post/AP).
July 22, 1997
The Sydney Morning Herald reported today that smoke and steam plumes from McDonald Island, south of Perth Australia, represent the tail end of the eruption from a newly discovered volcano. The volcano probably started to erupt in late 1996 but was mistaken for Australia's only other active volcano, Big Ben (Volcano World).
*A magnitude 5.6 quake occurrred in the Soloman Islands, and Iceland was shaken by a magnitude 4.8 quake.
July 20, 1997
The Kamchatkan Volcanic Eruption Response Team (KVERT) is back on the web with weekly updates on Kamchatkan Volcanoes. Ash of July 14th, ash and steam eruptions were continuing at Sheveluch Volcano, Bezymianny Volcano, and the Klyuchevskaya Group of volcanoes and strombolian eruptive activity was inferred to be continuing at Karymsky Volcano.
*Earthquakes today shook the Fox Islands in Alaska (mag. 5.9) and northern Argentina (mag. 6.0).
July 19, 1997
A magnitude 6.2 shook the southern coast of Mexico today. No damage or injuries were reported (CNN/Reuters). Other large quakes occurred off the coast of central Chile (mag. 5.7) and in the Loyalty Islands (mag. 5.8).
*MVO reports that "Soufriere Hills Volcano has now been erupting for two years". In this two year period over 105 million cubic meters of rock has been produced as viscous lava (60%) and pyroclastics (40%), and over 10,000 volcanic earthquakes have been recorded.
July 18, 1997
Flooding in Eastern Europe continues as the floodwaters move downstream into Germany (Washington Post/AP, CNN/AP).
July 15, 1997
Lava from Kilauea has reached the ocean and a new shield has developed on the SE flank of Pu`u `O`o (HVO Report, CNN/AP). For a chronology of the Pu`u `O`o eruption see Hawaii Center for Volcanology.
*A magnitude 5.8 quake shook Taiwan. No injuries or mjor damage were reported (Washington Post/AP).
July 14, 1997
Flooding in the Zhejiang Provence of China is estimated to have effected over 5 million people and shut down 10,000 factories ( ). Meanwhile, floods in Eastern Europe continue to move downstream causing massive evacuations (Washington Post/AP).
*A magnitude 6.0 quake occurred in the Kuril Islands. No tsunami were reported.
July 13, 1997
Monsoon rains have caused flooding SE Asia, killing over 120 people in China (CNN/AP) and Bangladesh (Washington Post/AP).
July 11, 1997
Lava from Pu`u `O`o is approaching the Hawaiin coast. The USGS reports that the flow has poured over Pulama pali onto the coastal flats and that "the flow front is now in grassland, and fires are possible." (USGS/Volcano List Server)
*Two quakes (mag 4.6 and 5.0) occurred off the coast of Oregon on the Juan de Fuca Ridge.
*Flooding continues in Poland and the Czech Republic, where 49 people have now been reported killed (Washington Post/AP).
July 10, 1997
Mudflows have killed 19 on the island of Kyushu in southwestern Japan. The mudflows, which were caused by four days of heavy rain, have also caused severe damage to a number of villages. CNN reports thay, "one local official described it not as a landslide, but as a mountain hitting a village." (CNN, Washington Post/AP. Floods in nearby southern China have led to at least 56 deaths and $200 million in damages (CNN/AP).
*"The worst flooding in decades in the Czech Republic and Poland has contaminated water supplies, destroyed farmland and killed at least 32 people (Washington Post/AP)."
*Over 59 people are now thought to have been killed by yesterdays quake in Venezuela (Washington Post/AP and CNN).
July 9, 1997
Twenty eight people have been reported dead after a magnitude 6.9 earthquake shook Venezuela near the city of Caracas Washington Post/AP report). It was the worst quake in Venezuela since 1967.
*Activity at Mt. Etna, in Italy, has increased in the past few days. Boris Behncke reports via the Volcano List Server that, "it is possible that the crater will be filled by the cone and lava during the next days and lava will overflow onto the external slopes of Southeast Crater." (Also see Volcano World.)
July 8, 1997
An quake measuring 5.6 occurred near Andreanof Island in the Aleutian Islands (location map).
July 7, 1997
Quakes today shook Northern Sumatra (mag. 5.8) and the Volcano Islands (mag. 5.9).
July 6, 1997
Floods in southern China, caused by five days of torrential rains, have killed 14 people and left thousands stranded (CNN/AP).
*A magnitude 6.5 quake shook the coast of central Chile. No tsunami were reported.
July 5, 1997
A magnitude 5.5 quake shook the Santa Cruz Islands. This was the same region that experienced the largest earthquake so far this year (a magnitude 7.5 in April).
July 4, 1997
Small ash eruptions and pyroclastic flows continue on Montserrat MVO daily report). A new hazard map and warning system went into effect today. The new system divides the island up into three regions, each with its own alert level new risk zone map).
July 2, 1997
Popocatepetl rains ash on Mexico City forcing closure of airport.(Washington post/AP).Rural residents wary(Washington Post/AP). Government planning for evacuations(Reuters).
*Magnitude 5.3 earthquake shakes Hawaii. Minor damage reported (UPI)(Washington Post/AP).
*Montserrat continues to rumble(Washington Post/AP).


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