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January 1, 1998 to January 31, 1998
January 30, 1998
A magnitude 6.3 quake shook northern Chile (CNN/Reuters). No injuries or major damage have been reported.
*For the latest information on the eruptions of Axial Seamount see NOAA's Axial Seamount Page.
January 29, 1998
Heavy rains continue to cause flooding and mudslides in Peru. Today a mudslide, caused by an overflowed river, swept over 50 homes killing at least 31 people (CNN; CNN/APTV Quicktime movie).
January 28, 1998
Intensified seismic activity was detected beginning January 25th in the vicinity of Axial Seamount on the Juan de Fuca Ridge (off the coast of Oregon). Seismic activity is believed to be related to an ongoing undersea eruption of Axial Seamount (for information and daily updates see NOAA's Axial Seamount Page).
January 27, 1998
Over 1,000 people had to be evacuated after Cyclone Les caused flooding in northern Australia over the weekend (CNN/Reuters).
*Ten hikers were trapped when heavy rains caused a landslide in the Columbia River Gorge, located on the Washington/Oregon border (CNN).
*A magnitude 5.7 quake occurred in the remote Komandorsky Islands off the Kamchatka Peninsula.
January 26, 1998
Reports from Kamchatka indicate that Karymsky Volcano erupted a 3500-m plume of ash (Global Volcanism Network). This level of activity was slightly higher than the low level strombolian eruptive activity that has characterized Karymsky for more than a year (latest KVERT report).
January 24, 1998
Ash eruptions of Sakura-Jima Volcano in Japan occurred today and on January 20th (Global Volcanism Network).
January 21, 1998
Twenty six were killed by a landslide in Mozambique and at least sixty people are still missing (CNN/Reuters).
January 20, 1998
A second magnitude 5.7 quake shook the Kuril Islands this week.
January 18, 1998
Unusually high seismic activity was detected at Monowai Seamount, located in the Kermadec Islands north of New Zealand on January 16th. These tremors indicate an eruption of Monowai Seamount may have occurred (Global Volcanism Listserver). Monowai Seamount is believed to have erupted 3 times last year (in April, September, and December; background information from Volcano World).
January 17, 1998
A magnitude 5.7 quake occurred under the ocean east of the Kuril Islands.
*A number of shallow magnitude 5.0 quakes shook the Norwegian Sea today.
January 16, 1998
A magnitude 5.9 quake occurred east of Papua New Guinea.
January 14, 1998
Fiji was struck by magnitude 6.5 quake.
January 13, 1998
A swarm of earthquakes at Mt. Etna in Italy brought the volcano into spotlights this weekend (CNN 1/10). Although Mt. Etna has been erupting almost continuously since the 1500's, these quakes, caused by the movement of magma, may be the precurser to a larger eruption (CNN; CNN Quicktime Movie). For up to the minute information on Mt. Etna visit Boris Behncke's Etna news page.
*A magnitude 5.9 quake occurred in the Banda Sea.
January 12, 1998
The Fiji Islands were struck by a magnitude 6.6 quake and a magnitude 6.3 quake occurred in central Chile Reuters). No Tsunami were generated and no major damage has been reported.
*Record weekend rainfalls have caused flooding and landslides in northeastern Australia (CNN; CNN Quicktime Movie).
January 10, 1998
At least 47 people are reported dead after a magnitude 6.2 quake stuck northern China. The earthquake caused severe damage to a number of villages and over 20,000 people have been left homeless (Reuters, CNN, and Washington Post/AP).
*Other large quakes today occurred in central Peru (mag. 5.9) and Guatemala (mag. 5.8). Eight injuries and a number of landslides resulted from the Central American quake (Washington Post/AP).
January 9, 1998
An eruption of Mt. Merapi in Java has been detected. After lava was spotted at the summit authorities warned nearby residents in nearby villages that they may need to evacuate (Washington Post/AP).
January 8, 1998
Nearly a foot of rain fell in some places causing flooding in the southeastern US (CNN).
January 6, 1998
Six people have been killed in Jamaca by flooding induced by heavy rains (Washington Post/AP).
January 5, 1998
Reports from Guatemala City indicate that Pacaya Volcano is erupting again (global volcanism network.
*A series of severe snow avalanches occurred in the mountains of British Columbia yesterday killing 11 people (Washington Post/AP; Reuters).
January 4, 1998
A magnitude 7.0 quake occurred in the Loyalty Islands north of New Zealand (Reuters). A pacific-wide tsunami warning was issued but later recalled when no tsunami was deterted (Pacific Tsunnami Warning System).
January 3, 1998
Magnitude 5.9 quakes shook the Tristan da Cunha region in the south Atlantic and the Unimak Island region in Alaska.
January 2, 1998
Late last night a moderate eruption of Popocatepetl volcano occurred sending a collumn of ash up over 5 km (Washington Post/AP report; Image from Popo-Cam. For daily updates see the CENAPRED page.
January 1, 1998
Happy New Year!
*The first major earthquake of the year occurred today in the Volcano Islands (mag 6.5) No damage was reported.
*Later in the day a magnitude 5.8 quake shook the Solomon Islands.


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