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January 1, 2000 to January 31, 2000
January 31, 2000
The Dodecanese Islands were hit by a magnitude 5.0 quake.
*Southern Xinjiang, China was hit by a magnitude 5.5 quake.
*At least 11 people were killed and more than 20,000 fled their homes as four days of heavy rains pounded the southern Philippines, triggering floods and landslides (CNN).
January 30, 2000
A strong earthquake shook Tibet for the second time in five days. The quake was a magnitude 5.0 (CNN).

January 29, 2000
The Nyamuragira volcano, one of two straddling Rwanda's border with eastern Congo, became active, spitting out fire and rocks (AP).
*Mindanao in the Philippine Islands was hit by a 5.0 quake.
*Jawa, Indonesia was hit by a mag. 5.6 quake.
*A strong magnitude 6.8 quake hit Japan. No reported damage or injuries (CNN).
January 28, 2000
The Flores Sea was hit by another quake, this time of magnitude 5.0.
*The Mariana Islands were hit by a magnitude 5.2 quake.
*A magnitude 5.3 quake hit the Sumbawa Region of Indonesia.
*The region northeast of Taiwan was struck by a magnitude 6.0 quake.
*The Kuril Islands were shaken up by a magnitude 6.8 earthquake.
January 27, 2000
A magnitude 5.1 quake struck the region just south of Honshu Japan.
January 26, 2000
An earthquake of magnitude 5.0 shook Xizang.
*Yunnan, China was hit by a magnitude 5.1 quake.
*The Jujuy province of Argentina was hit by a magnitude 5.1 quake.
*A magnitude 6.0 earthquake struck the Tonga Islands.
January 25, 2000
A magnitude 4.6 quake rattled portions of Eastern Nepal (CNN).
January 24, 2000
Pacaya in Guatemala continues to erupt (Volcano World).
January 23, 2000
Pacaya, Guatemala begins to erupt (Volcano World).
Kyushu, Japan is hit by a magnitude 5.2 quake .
*A magnitude 5.3 earthquake hits just south of the Fiji Islands.
*The Gulf of Alaska is shaken by a magnitude 5.4 quake.
*The Flores Sea experiences a magnitude 5.8 earthquake and a magnitude 5.9 earthquake.
January 21, 2000
The Philippine Islands region is hit by a magnitude 5.5 quake.
January 20, 2000
A magnitude 5.5 earthquake hits off the coast of Oregon.
*The Rat Islands, Aleutian Islands are hit by a magnitude 5.3 quake.
*A powerful earthquake in Laos jolts Thai provinces (CNN).
January 19, 2000
The near coast of Peru was shaken by a magnitude 5.0 earthquake.
*The Hindu Kush Region of Afghanistan was hit by a magnitude 5.8 quake.
January 18, 2000
The Fiji Islands region was hit by two quakes, one of magnitude 4.9, and the other of magnitude 5.1.
*Pacaya, Guatemala erupted leaving many communities on red alert (Volcano World).
January 17, 2000
Again, the Santa Cruz Islands were hit by a magnitude 5.5 quake.
*A powerful quake hits Colombia, no reported deaths or injuries (CNN).
January 16, 2000
A Magnitude 4.3 earthquake struck off the coast of Northern California.
*The Kodiak Islands were hit by a magnitude 4.8 quake.
*The Santa Cruz Islands were hit by a magnitude 5.4 quake.
*The Kermadec Islands, New Zealand were struck by a magnitude 5.5 earthquake.
*Pacaya, near Guatemala City, erupted causing the evacuation on 2000 people. (CNN).
January 15, 2000
A magnitude 4.4 quake hit south of Panama.
*Another magnitude 4.4 quake off the eastern coast of Honshu, Japan.
*A magnitude 5.3 quake rattled the Fiji Island region .
*Another magnitude 5.3 hit the New Britain Region of Papua New Guinea.
*A magnitude 5.3 earthquake shook just south of the Mariana Islands.
January 14, 2000
Northern Peru was hit by a magnitude 4.3 quake.
*Costa Rica shaken by a magnitude 4.5 quake.
*Chiapas, Mexico hit by a magnitude 4.9 quake.
*Another magnitude 4.9 quake struck the Mozambique Channel.
*Two quakes, one of magnitude 5.2, the other magnitude 5.9 rattled Yunnan, China. (CNN).
January 13, 2000
A magnitude 4.8 earthquake struck southern Chile.
* Another magnitude 4.8 earthquake jolted the Kuril Islands.
* A magnitude 5.3 earthquake shook the Fiji Island region.
*A magnitude 2.9 earthquake hit South Africa and triggered a landslide which buried 15 miners (Earth Alert).
January 12, 2000
Two earthquakes of mag. 4.3 hit Sonoma County California. (Earth Alert)
*A magnitude 4.3 earthquake hits Eastern Japan and halts a nuclear reactor (Earth Alert).
January 10, 2000
Landslides caused by heavy rains kill five in Malaysia (Earth Alert).
*Northern Chile was struck by a magnitude 6.3 earthquake (Earth Alert).
*The northern Chinese province of Lianoning was hit by a mag. 5.1 earthquake (Earth Alert).
*A magnitude 6.1 earthquake jolted the northern Philippine province of Zambales (Earth Alert).
January 9, 2000
A 6.4 quake in the Fiji Islands produced no reported injuries or damage.
January 8, 2000
The Solomon Islands experienced a mag. 6.4 earthquake.
*A mag. 6.3 quake shook northern Chile.
January 7, 2000
More landslides may occur in Venezuela as a result of recent heavy rains. (AP)
January 6, 2000
A 6.0 quake in southeastern Alaska was felt in Juneau and Sitka, but caused no reported damage or injuries. (CNN)
*Approximately 3000 residents were permitted to return to the area around Tungurahua volcano after a deadly struggle with the military. (AP)
*A mag. 5.9 quake occurred near Luzon in the Philippine Islands.
January 5, 2000
Mount Mayon erupted ash four miles skyward; Philippine officials are prepared to evacuate nearby areas. (AP) (Reuters)
*The Santa Cruz Islands were jolted by mag. 6.0 and 5.2 quakes.
January 4, 2000
Flooding and landslides from heavy rains have killed at least 28 and left thousands homeless in southeastern Brazil. (AP)
January 2, 2000
Andreanof Island in the central Aleutians was shaken by a magnitude 5.6 quake.
January 1, 2000
A moderate but unusual mag 4.4 quake in Ontario was felt throughout much of that province and northern New York. (AP)
*A mag. 5.6 quake occurred west of Macquarie Island.


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