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February 1, 1998 to January 28, 1998
February 28, 1998
A magnitude 5.7 quake shook the Soliman Islands.
*Heavy rains triggered a large mudslide in Aobamba, Peru. Sixty men, who were initially presumed dead, survived the slide. They escaped the mudflow by moving to higher ground before the it reached the area in which they were working (Reuters).
February 25, 1998
A magnitude 5.7 quake occurred along the Mid Atlantic Ridge in the North Atlantic Ocean.
February 24, 1998
The Global Volcanism Network reported that Rincon de la Vieja volcano in Costa Rica erupted on February 16th. Twenty-three phreatic eruptions occurred throughout the day and the eruptions produced a number of lahars (Volcano World).
February 21, 1998
A short ash eruption occurred at Popocatepetl volcano in Mexico((Global Vocanism Network).
February 20, 1998
Afganistan was shaken by another large quake (mag. 7.0) in the same region as the deadly quake which occurred earlier this month. No reports of damage have yet been issued, however, the region is very remote. Relief efforts following the February 4th quake are still hampered by bad weather and 30,000 people are still thought to be homeless (Reuters).
February 19, 1998
A magnitude 5.8 quake shook central Peru. A magnitude 6.5 quake also occurred in the Banda Sea, north of Australia.
February 16, 1998
A shallow mag.6.6 quake occurred in the north Atlantic along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.
*A minor eruption of Sakura-Jima Volcano in Japan occurred (Global Volcanism Network).
February 13, 1998
A mudslide, caused by heavy rains, killed 60 people in a Bolivian gold mining town on February 11th (Reuters).
*Meanwhile, heavy rains continue to cause damaging (but less deadly) mudslides and floods in California (Reuters).
February 9, 1998
Over the weekend more deadly aftershocks occurred in Afganistan, toppling weakened structures and killing 500 to 600 more people (CNN). Because the quake occurred in a remote region it has been difficult to assess the damage and to get relief to homeless and injuried people.
February 8, 1998
Reports from the global volcanism network indicate that Sakura-jima Volcano in Japan erupted today.
February 7, 1998
El Nino is being blamed for a week of heavy rains in California that have caused flooding and mudslides (CNN).
February 6, 1998
The first news from Afganistan since Wednesday's magnitude 6.1 quake reports that over 4,000 people were killed (Reuters; CNN/AP).
*Large quakes today shook northern Chile (mag. 5.5, the south Sandwich Islands (mag. 5.5, and the Volcano Islands (mag. 5.9).
February 5, 1998
Surface observations from Guatemala City indicate that Pacaya Volcano is erupting (global volcanism network).
February 4, 1998
A magnitude 6.1 quake occurred along the Afganistan-Tajikistan border. No damage reports have yet been received.
February 3, 1998
A magnitude 6.1 quake occurred of the coast of Oaxaca, Mexico. No serious damage was reported (Washington Post/AP; Reuters).


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