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February 1, 1997 to February 28, 1997
February 28, 1997
Deadly 6.1 mag earthquake shakes northwestern Iran. "At least 100 died and more than 250 were injured." (Washington Post/AP report).
*Current reports place the death toll from yesterday's quakes in Pakistan at or above 80 people (Washington Post/AP report and CNN report with an image gallery).
February 27, 1997
2 major quakes strike Pakistan shortly after 21:00 GMT. The initial, 7.3 magnitude earthquake was followed 22 minutes later by a 6.3 mag aftershock.
February 25, 1997
Flooding continues in Africa and North America...
Over 300,000 people have been evacuated in Mozambique, where heavy seasonal rains have led to massive flooding (Washington Post/AP report). Residents of northern Illinois were evacuated when floods broke through a second levee on the Rock River (Washington Post/AP report).
*A mag 5.6 quake occurred in the Loyalty Islands at 18:45 GMT.
February 24, 1997
Lava has once again been spotted in Pu`u `O`o crater on Kilauea. This is the first activity in the crater since late January (HVO press release).
*Heavy rain and melting snow has caused flooding in northern Illinois (CNN report and Quicktime Movie).
February 22, 1997
A volcanic eruption occurred today on Trinidad Island in the Caribbean. Lava from the eruption covered about one square mile and destroyed 10 homes (Nando Times/Reuters report).
February 21, 1997
The Kuril Islands were shaken by a mag 6.1 quake at 23:40 GMT.
February 20, 1997
Ash and lava continue to erupt from Okmok Volcano in the Aleutian Islands, Alaska. Visit AVO's weekly updates and their new Okmok Volcano Page.
*A mag 5.5 quake occurred near Hokkaido, Japan at 7:55 GMT.
*As many as 300 people are presumed dead after Tuesday's Peruvian mudslide (CNN/AP report).
February 19, 1997
Heavy rains have caused a number of mudslides in Peru, including one on Sunday that killed five and a large slide on Tuesday that destroyed two villages and left over 33 people dead. The later slide was estimated to have a volume of 10.5 million cubic feet (CNN/Reuters report).
*A mag 5.7 quake occurred in Columbia at 18:25 GMT. No damage or inguries have been reported.
February 18, 1997
Flooding in Mozambique has left over 100,000 people homeless (MSNBC/AP report).
February 17, 1997
Two small quakes were felt in Anchorage, Alaska, a mag 4.3 at 8:31 GMT Sunday followed by mag 4.8 about an hour later. No damage or tsunami have been reported.
February 14, 1997
Okmok Volcano in the Aleutian Is. began erupting on February 13th, AVO reported. "Observers at the former Fort Glenn military base at the east end of the island reported that an ash plume began rising from a cone inside the caldera at about 10 am AST. (AVO report 2/13/97)"
*A mag 5.5 quake occurred in the South Sandwich Islands at 23:43 GMT .
February 13, 1997
Volcanic activity on Montserrat has remained low over the past week. MVO reported only minor earthquake swarms and small pyroclastic flows. Residents of Montserrat, however, must still cope with the continuing threat of a potential eruption .
*Volcano World reports that the volcano on Manam Island, Papau New Guinea began erupting ash and lava on February 10. "People of Manam have been warned to stay out of valleys."
February 10, 1997
The Earth continues to rumble this week as earthquakes shake the northern Caucasus (mag 5.4), South Africa (mag 5.4), and the Flores region of Indonesia (mag 5.6).
February 9, 1997
A number of large aftershocks (mag 4.7 to 4.9) followed a mag 5.8 quake in Peru that occurred at 12:32 GMT. A mag 5.9 quake occurred off the east coast of the Kamchatka Peninsula at 18:57 GMT and Anchorage, Alaska experienced a mag 4.6 quake this morning at 2:11 GMT. No tsumani warnings have been issued.
February 8, 1997
A mag 5.6 quake hit the Solomon Islands at 1:55 GMT.
February 7, 1997
A mag 6.1 quake occurred in the Tonga Islands at 8:41 GMT.
February 6, 1997
A mag 5.7 aftershock occurred in northern Iran at a little before 8:00 AM GMT on February 5th. Hundreds of aftershocks have been recorded since two major quakes hit Iran on February 4th (CNN report).
*Torrential rain have caused major flooding in Charleville, Australia. Over 400 residents were evacuated (MSNBC).
February 5, 1997
After a few of weeks of increased seismic activity and gas venting, Klyuchevskoi volcano, located on the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia, experienced a minor eruption (Volcano World report).
February 4, 1997
Two strong quakes (mag 5.4 and 6.1) hit northern Iran between 9:53 and 10:37 AM GMT. Twelve villages were destroyed and 38 people have been reported killed .
*HVO reports that the latest eruptive phase of Kilauea Volcano has ended. The Hawaii Center for Volcanology has compiled a short summary of the latest eruption.


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