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February 1, 2000 to February 31, 2000
February 19, 2000
The Kuril Islands were hit by 3 quakes within a span of an hour and a half. The earliest quake was a magnitude 4.9. The next two were slightly stronger. One of mag. 5.0, and the other a 5.1.
February 18, 2000
The Northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge was hit by two consecutive quakes. The earlier of magnitude 5.1, the later of magnitude 5.5. The region was also hit with a smaller but still significant magnitude 4.8 quake.
February 17, 2000
The Southern East Pacific Rise experienced a magnitude 5.1 earthquake.
*The Santa Cruz Islands were hit by a magnitude 5.9 earthquake.
February 15, 2000
The Mariana Islands are hit with a magnitude 5.8 earthquake very early this morning.
*Scientists at the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology issued a level three alert level for the Mayon Volcano (Volcano World).
February 14, 2000
The Piton de la Fournaise Volcano, Reunion, Indian Ocean erupted approximately one hour after an important seismic crisis the evening before (Volcano World).
*Turkey is hit by a magnitude 5.0 earthquake this morning.
*Another magnitude 5.0 quake hits the region south of Honshu, Japan.
*Southern Chile is hit with a magnitude 5.1 earthquake.
*The Mount Etna Volcano erupted and shot ash and volcanic rock from its southeast crater. Lava has been flowing down the uninhabited flank of the volcano (Volcano World).
February 13, 2000
The region on the border of Eastern Russia and North Eastern China was hit by a magnitude 5.4 earthqauke.
*The Vanuatu Islands get rattled by a shallow magnitude 5.5 quake.
*The Philippine Islands region is shaken up by a magnitude 5.9 earthquake(CNN).
February 12, 2000
The Tonga Islands are hit by a mangnitude 5.1 earthqauke.
*A magnitude 5.8 quake shakes the Solomon Islands.
*The Karymsky Volcano produced a short-lived gas-ash (or gas) explosion. Following this event, about 100 explosive earthquakes and gas blowouts were registered. Seismic activity is continuing (Volcano World).
*Mozambique faces an imminent threat from disease in the aftermath of catastrophic flooding in the southern African country, aid officials said on Saturday (CNN).
February 11, 2000
The capital of this normally dry southern African nation was virtually cut off from road traffic Friday by flooding from torrential rain that has swept across the region for five days, claiming scores of lives (CNN).
February 10, 2000
Torrential rains drench northern South Africa continuing a week of constant downpours that have killed dozens, flooded cities and left more than 100,000 people homeless (CNN).
*Southern Iran was shaken by a magnitude 5.0 quake.
*Halmahera, Indonesia was hit with a mag. 5.3 quake.
*A magnitude 5.3 quake rattled the South Indian Ocean.
*A magnitude 5.7 quake shook up the Norther Molucca Sea.
February 8, 2000
The Loyalty Islands region washit by a magnitude 5.1 earthquake.
February 7, 2000
A magnitude 5.0 quake hits the Kuril Islands.
*A magnitude 5.1 quake shakes the area just south of Honshu, Japan.
February 6, 2000
The Northern Molucca Sea is hit by a magnitude 5.6 quake.
*The New Britain Region of Papua New Guinea is rattled by a strong magnitude 6.7 earthqauke.
February 5, 2000
A magnitude 5.0 quake strikes Northern Colombia.
February 3, 2000
Northern Alaska was hit by a shallow magnitude 5.4 earthquake.
*Mindoro in the Philipine Islands was hit by a serperate quake also of magnitude 5.4.
February 2, 2000
Northern Iran was hit by a magnitude 5.4 earthquake.
*The New Britain Region of Papua New Guinea was shaken by a magnitude 5.5 quake.
February 1, 2000
The Mount Etna Volcano in Sicily, Italy erupted and sent ash skyward. Ash was found 15 miles away from the volcano (Volcano World).


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