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August 1, 1999 to August 31, 1999
August 31, 1999
At least one person died and 166 were injured by a magnitude 5.2 aftershock in Turkey. (AP)
August 29, 1999
The Carlsberg Ridge was shaken by a magnitude 6.0 earthquake.
August 28, 1999
A landslide killed at least 30 and trapped about ten others inside a gold mine in West Java. (AP)
*Ecuador experienced a quake of magnitude 6.1.
August 27, 1999
A magnitude 6.2 earthquake took place near the north coast of New Guinea.
August 24, 1999
Pichincha volcano erupted water vapor two miles skyward for 11 minutes, alarming residents of nearby Quito. (AP)
August 23, 1999
Over the past week, Monserrat Volcano has produced two small tectonic swarms and numerous rockfalls. (Volcano World)
August 22, 1999
A magnitude 6.3 earthquake occurred off the coast of southern Chile.
*The Vanuatu Islands experienced an earthquake of magnitude 6.5.
August 21, 1999
The Tonga Islands were shaken by a magnitude 5.7 quake.
August 20, 1999
Turkey continues to be hit by aftershocks, the latest of magnitudes 4.8, 4.7, and 5.0.
*The National Information Service for Earthquake Engineering has compiled information on several aspects of seismicity in Turkey. (NISEE)
August 19, 1999
Popocateptl volcano has emitted gases and ash. People have been warned not to approach within 5 km. (Volcano World)
*Flash flooding in Sarab, Iran has left two children dead, injured several people and damaged fifty buildings and the local water supply. (AP)
August 18, 1999
A magnitude 5.7 quake occured off of northern New Zealand.
August 17, 1999
A 7.8 earthquake in northwestern Turkey has killed over 2000 and injured at least 10,000. Extensive coverage: (CNN) (Washington Post) (Reuters)
*Turkey has experienced a series of aftershocks, magnitudes 5.0, 4.9, 4.7, and 4.1.
August 15, 1999
The New Britain region of Papua New Guinea experienced a magnitude 5.5 quake.
August 14, 1999
A magnitude 6.4 quake occurred in southern Sumatra.
August 13, 1999
Flooding and landslides left at least 18 dead and over 100,000 stranded in Bangladesh. (AP)
August 12, 1999
A magnitude 5.9 earthquake hit Sulawesi, Indonesia, causing panic but leading to no injuries or damage. (AP)
August 11, 1999
Four quakes of magnitude 4.1 to 5.4 struck Cyprus in a span of 16 minutes, injuring 15 people and damaging 82 buildings. (AP)
*One person was killed and another injured in northeast Iran by a 5.1 quake centered in Turkmenistan. (AP)
August 10, 1999
Telica Volcano emitted gases and ash following a large seismic tremor. No damage has been reported. (Volcano World)
August 8, 1999
At least 17 homes were destroyed by quakes that followed the eruption of Cerro Negro. Three people were injured. (AP)
August 7, 1999
Hundreds evacuated the area around Cerro Negro Volcano as the Nicaraguan government declared a state of 'maximum alert.' (AP)
August 6, 1999
A 5.5 earthquake shook the northern Kuril Islands.
August 5, 1999
Cerro Negro Volcano erupted from four vents outside its main crater, sending lava fountains 300 m skyward. A series of 11 quakes, mag. 4.3 to 4.9, accompanied the activity. (Volcano World)
August 3, 1999
A small (mag. 4) earthquake in Bangladesh toppled at least 200 thatch huts. No injuries were reported. (AP)
*A mudslide in Manila destroyed fifty homes, leaving at least eight dead, with another 24 to 100 missing. (CNN)
*The coast of Ecuador was jolted by a magnitude 5.8 earthquake.
August 1, 1999
Nevada experienced a series of earthquakes, the largest a 5.6, felt in Las Vegas. No damage has been reported. (AP)
*The Aleutian Islands were struck by magnitude 5.6 and 4.9 quakes, with no reports of damage or injuries. (AP)
*A magnitude 6.4 quake occurred near the Kermadec Islands.


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