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August 1, 1997 to August 31, 1997
August 30, 1997
Activity at Montserrat increased again today after a period of relative quiescence (MVO daily report). The main activity was centered around the north face of the mountain where pyroclastic flows were generated by dome collapse.
August 29, 1997
Large earthquakes shake the southeast Pacific - a magnitude 6.3 in the Tonga Islands and a magnitude 6.7 in Papua New Guinea.
August 28, 1997
Floods continue in SE Asia and more rain may be on the way (CNN).
August 27, 1997
A mag. 5.6 earthquake shook the New Britin Region of Papua New Guinea.
*Flooding caused by heavy rains in Pakistan has led to 19 deaths (Washington Post/AP).
August 26, 1997
Typhoon Winnie devistates eastern China, causing over $2.5 billion in damages and killing at least 140 people (CNN/Reuters). In nearby India 945 people have been killed by monsoon related landslides and floods since June (CNN/Reuters).
*Popocatepetl volcano erupted ash intermittently today (Washington Post/AP).
August 25, 1997
At least 15 people have been killed by flooding in Morocco caused by heavy rains (CNN/Reuters).
August 18 to 24, 1997
Luckily for us, the Earth was relatively quiet while we were away.
*Large quakes struck Northern Sumatra (mag. 6.0; Aug 20) and the mid-Indian Rift (mag. 6.4, Aug, 20).
*KVERT/AVO reported a minor ash eruption at Alaid volcano in the Kurile Islands.
August 18, 1997
We'll be taking a week off here at Geologylink to prepare for the coming school year. The Earth Today Page won't be updated again until Monday, August 25th. See you in a week! -RJV
August 17, 1997
As pyroclastic flows and ash eruptions continue, theevacuation of central Montserrat is encouraged. (CNN). After over two years of eruption the volcano remains highy active (MVO Daily report).
*A magnitude 6.2 quake occurred in the Vanuatu Islands.
August 13, 1997
Flash floods continue to sweep the American southwest, where four major floods have already occurred this week. Today, a flash flood in Antelope Canyon, near Page Arizona, is believed to have killed 11 people (CNN/AP).
*Meanwhile, flash floods in India have killed over 200 people and caused over $70 million in damages (Washington Post/AP).
*The largest ash eruption of Popocatepetl volcano since June occurred this morning (Washington Post/AP). The eruption was minor and posed no danger.
*A magnitude 5.8 quake occurred in the SE Ryukyu Islands.
August 12, 1997
Lava from Pu`u `O`o crater on Kilauea Volcano engulfed Wahaula Heiau, an ancient Hawaiian temple (CNN).
August 11, 1997
After a quiet weekend Montserrat continues to rumble (CNN and MVO Daily Report)
*Several people had to be rescued after flash floods washed through the Havasu Falls region of the Grand Canyon (Washington Post/AP).
August 10, 1997
Western Australia experienced a mag. 6.0 earthquake.
August 8, 1997
A magnitude 6.0 quake shock the Fiji Islands region.
August 6, 1997
Pyroclastic flows on Montserrat continue to intensify. As of today, news reports indicate that at least 80% of the buildings in the capital city of Plymoth have been damaged or destroyed by the pyroclastic flows and the fires started by the flows (CNN/Reuters). Over the past four days ash clouds as high as 12,000 meters have been generated and have covered some regions with over a meter of ash.
*Landslides generated by monsoon rains in India have killed 24 people in the northeastern part of the country (Wahington Post/AP).
August 5, 1997
Two volcano-tectonic earthquake swarms culminated in violent explosions and intense pyroclastic flows on Montserrat today (MVO Daily Report). MVO also reports that, "the activity is following a cyclical pattern in the tiltmeter with regular inflation and deflation of the volcano corresponding to the earthquake swarms and continuous pyroclastic flows or explosions respectively." (Also see yesterdays CNN report)
*Floods in Romania, caused by heavy rains, have killed 17 people over the past few weeks (CNN/AP).
August 4, 1997
KVERT raised the alert level of Klyuchevskoy Volcano, located on the Kamchatkan Peninsula, to Code Yellow this week after an increase in seismicity and observations of a steam plume (KVERT weekly report). To the south, Karymsky Volcano continues to erupt ash, steam, and lava.
*A magnitude 6.0 quake occurred in the Tonga Islands.
August 3, 1997
Pyroclastic flows on Montserrat have reached Plymouth for the first time since the eruption began two years ago (MVO Daily Report). Jill Norton, deputy chief scientist at the Montserrat Volcano Observatory, told the Washington Post/AP that "We were expecting the next big flow to run over into Plymouth and cause some serious burning".
*Heavy rains have stranded thousands and killed at least 18 people in Bangladesh (Washington Post/AP) and Hong Kong (Washington Post/AP).


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