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April 1, 1998 to April 30, 1998
April 29, 1998
Southern Greece was shaken by a magnitude 5.9 quake. No damage was reported (Reuters).
April 27, 1998
Mount Peut Sagoe volcano in Indonesia erupted a 3-km collumn of ash on Monday. This was the second minor eruption of the volcano in a week (the first was not observed because of thick smoke from forest fires). Before this month, Peut Sagoe hasn't erupted since 1921 (Global Volcanism Network).
*The Irian Jaya Region of Indonesia experienced a magnitude 6.0 earthquake. No damage or injuries have been reported (Reuters).
April 26, 1998
The Congo was shaken by a magnitude 5.5 quake.
April 24, 1998
A magnitude 5.5 quake occurred in Halmahera, Indonesia.
April 22, 1998
The Global Volcanism Network reported two short (5 and 3 minutes long) eruptions of Popocatepetl volcano in Mexico.
April 20, 1998
Guerrero, Mexico was struck by a magnitude 5.7 quake.
*For a summary of the continuing eruption at Piton de la Fournaise volcano on Reunion Island see the April 20th report on the (Global Volcanism Network).
April 15, 1998
A magnitude 5.5 quake shook the Kamchatka Peninsula.
April 13, 1998
At least 5,000 people have been left homeless and 30 killed after heavy rains caused flash flooding in northwestern Afghanistan (CNN/AP).
*Flash floods caused a mine to collapse in Tanzania killing 56 people (CNN/Reuters).
April 12, 1998
Magnitude 5.7 quakes shook southern Peru and Austria.
April 11, 1998
The Fiji Islands experienced a mag. 6.1 quake.
April 10, 1998
After nearly a week with no significant earthquakes, large quakes today occurred in Iran (mag. 5.7),in the Kermadec Islands (mag. 6.1), and north of Ascension Island in the Atlantic Ocean (mag. 5.6). Ten people were reported killed and 30 more injuried in the Iranian quake (Reuters).
April 5, 1998
Reports from Toyko indicate a minor eruption of Sakura-Jima Volcano occurred today (Global Volcanism Network).
April 3, 1998
A magnitude 6.0 quake shook the Peru-Brazil border.
April 2, 1998
An moderate earthquake (mag. 5.7) occurred south of the Kermadec Islands.
April 1, 1998
A mag. 6.8 quake occurred in Sumatra, Indonesia. No Pacific-wide tsunami were generated.
*Southern Chile was shaken by a magnitude 6.3 quake.
*Heavy winds triggered an avalanche in northeast India that killed 19 people (CNN).


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