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April 1, 1997 to April 30, 1997
April 29, 1997
A small eruption occurred at Popocatepetl volcano, located 40 miles from Mexico City. Ash clouds were seen this morning after volcanic bombs from last nights eruption lit nearby fields on fire (CNN, CNN Quicktime Movie, Washington Post/AP and Reuters).
Red River flooding claimed the small town of Ste. Agathe in Canada. The floodwaters are expected to reach Winnipeg this weekend (CNN).
April 28, 1997
A mag. 6.4 quake shook the Prince Edward Island region at 12:07 GMT.
April 27, 1997
As floodwaters receed in Grand Forks, the flood crest moves upstream into Canada where the Red River is expected to crest (Washington Post/AP, CNN, and CNN Quicktime Movie). Record floods in the upper midwest are the result of a record snowpack. For a summary of the flooding in the US see theWashington Post.
Southern California was shaken today by a number of aftershocks from yesterdays quake, including a mag. 4.9 shock (Washington Post/AP and CNN).
Large aftershocks (including a mag. 5.9 today) continue in the Vanuatu Islands after last week's mag. 7.9 earthquake.
April 26, 1997
Southern California was struck my a magnitude 5.0 quake (location map). The quake was followed by a number of mag. 3.0-4.0 aftershocks, all of which were centered within 13 miles of the epicenter of the 1994 Northridge quake (Washington Post/AP).
Heavy rains in Tanzania have caused flooding in the capital city of Dar es Salaam. Earlier this month severe flooding in southern Tanzania killed 46 people and left thousands homeless.
April 25, 1997
Eruptions continue in Hawaii and Alaska.
For the latest eruption news and map showing the new lava flows from Pu`u `O`o crater on Kilauea Volcano see the latest HVO Update. Meanwhile, AVO reports that the eruption at Okmok Volcano continues.
A magnitude 5.8 quake occurred along the southern Mid Atlantic Ridge.
April 24, 1997
Popocatepetl volcano, located near Mexico City, erupted a plume of gas and ash today (Washington Post/AP).
April 23, 1997
Magnitude 5.5 and 6.1 aftershocks shake the Santa Cruz/Vanuatu Islands and a mag. 6.3 quake occurred in the Mariana Islands and Washington Post/AP).
The flood pulse moves up the Red River Valley, and Manitoba prepares for the worst (CNN, Washington Post/AP, Manitoba Flood Information, and the U of Manitoba Flood '97 Page).
Landslides in the Ukraine have stranded over 9,000 people on the Crimean Peninsula(Washington Post/AP).
MVO reduced the alert level on Montserrat from Orange to Amber today (MVO Daily Report).
April 22, 1997
A magnitude 6.5 quake occurred off the coast of Trinidad, followed by at least three large aftershocks. No one was killed in the quake (Washington Post/AP).
Meanwhile, Indonesia was shaken by another large quake (mag 5.6), and large aftershocks continue in the Santa Cruz/Vanuatu Islands (including a mag 5.8).
For the latest reports on the flooding that has destroyed Grand Forks, see the Washington Post/AP, CNN, and the Fargo Flood Home Page
April 21, 1997
8 large quakes strike Oceania and Indonesia within 12 hours:
*7.9 mag in Santa Cruz Islands; 2 aftershocks >5.0, and
*6.1 mag in Vanuatu Islands; 2 aftershocks >5.0.
*5.7 mag, deep (432 km) under Banda Sea (location map), and
*5.6 mag in Minahassa Peninsula, Sulawesi.
*Tsunami have not been generated by these events.
*For maps of the region, click on Oceania map, or Asia map.
In the U.S., flooding of the Red River forces evacuation of Grand Forks, N.D., a city of 50,000. The river is expected to crest today. See the Grand Forks Herald web site for detailed local information.
April 19, 1997
Floods in Grand Forks, North Dakota break dikes after reaching a record level of 26 feet above flood stage (CNN, Washington Post/AP, and Fargo Flood Home Page. Take a look at the hydrograph for the Red River near Grand Forks.
Earthquakes shake Iran (mag. 5.5) and the Russian arctic (mag. 5.9).
April 17, 1997
Floods in North Dakota break the 100-year record (Washington Post/AP), Fargo Flood Home Page (great real time information), and the Fargo 'Floodcam').
April 15, 1997
Another large earthquake (mag. 6.3) struck Western China. It was the seventh magnitude 6.0-or-greater quake to strike the region this year (Washington Post/AP and Nando Times).
The eruption of Pu`u `O`o crater on Kilauea Volcano continues and lava flowing out of the tube system has decended to about 2100 feet (HVO report).
April 14, 1997
Floodwaters in the Red River Valley have begun to receed after reaching a high water mark yesterday (CNN).
April 11, 1997
Eight people died and more than 30 were seriously injuried when a magnitude 6.6 struck Western China. It was the fifth major quake (greater than mag. 6.0) to occur in the region this year (Washington Post/AP).
MVO raised the alert level of Soufriere Hills Volcano to Orange after a sudden series of pyroclastic flows. "The pyroclastic flows show that the activity can escalate with very little precursory activity, and further collapses could occur." (MVO daily report)
April 10, 1997
N. Dakota's Red River crested 22 feet above flood stageafter record winter snowpacks melted and mixed with new storms last week (Washington Post/AP, CNN, CNN Quicktime Movie, Fargo Flood Home Page (great real time information), and the Fargo 'Floodcam').
April 9, 1997
"Dramatic pictures from a new satellite show a shock wave moving across the face of the sun just after a solar flare sent an immense bubble of superheated gas toward Earth at almost 2 million miles an hour." (CNN/AP and Quicktime Movie).
MVO lowers the alert level of Soufriere Hills volcano to Amber (daily report).
April 8, 1997
The northern Philippine Islands were struck by a magnitude 5.7 quake at 18:07 GMT.
April 7, 1997
Although the Soufriere Hills volcano has been quite for a couple of days a survey team has determined that recent pyroclastic flows removed about 1.6 million cubic meters from the lava dome. Half a million cubic meters were removed between April 3 and 6, "a rate of about 2 cubic metres per second" (MVO daily report).
See the Washington Post/AP for a site-by-site update on midwest flooding.
April 6, 1997
Two large quakes (mag 6.3 and 6.4) followed by a number of large aftershocks struck western China. Twelve people are reported killed (CNN/AP, Washington Post/AP).
April 5, 1997
A mag 6.1 quake occurred in eastern Papua New Guinea at 12:23 GMT.
Meltwater from a record 110 inches of snow mixed with weekend rain is causing flooding in Minnesota and the Dakotas (Washington Post/AP).
April 4, 1997
The LA area was struck by a series of small earthquakes this morning. Although the largest quake was only a magnitude 3.3, it occurred only three miles northeast of Inglewood and was felt throughout the area (CNN).
A swarm of shallow earthquakes occurred last night under Montserrat Volcano MVO morning report.
April 3, 1997
Lava has been spotted on the surface at Kilauea Volcano, at an elevation of 2,300 feet (HVO report).
April 2, 1997
The island of Kyushu, Japan was struck by a mag 5.5 quake eary this morning. It is the second large quake to occur on the island in less than a week (Washington Post/AP). On the other side of the globe, a mag 5.7 quake occurred in the Windward Islands.
April 1, 1997
Three large quakes shook South America; a mag 5.6 south of Panama, and two quakes (mag 6.0 and 5.7) in northern Chile.
Lava from Pu`u `O`o, at Kilauea Volcano has re-occupied the old lava tube system and has been spotted nearly 0.5 miles from the crater (HVO report).


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