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April 1, 1999 to April 30, 1999
April 30, 1999
An earthquake of magnitude 4.7 destroyed ancient buildings in southern Iran today. (CNN)
April 29, 1999
The Ryukyu Islands were shaken by a magnitude 5.9 earthquake today.
April 28, 1999
Magnitude 5.5 earthquake panics Romanians but very little damage was done. (Yahoo! News). A quake in the same area in 1977 killed 1500.
April 26, 1999
A magnitude 5.9 earthquake shook Ecuador today.
*Frequency of volcanic earthquakes at Mount Cameroon has decreased significantly (Isaha'a Boh). The lava flow that cut the Idenau-Limbe highway has stopped and is now beginning to cool.
*Flooding in Papua New Guinea has forced 40,000 to flee their homes. The flooding is due to rains that continued into what is normally the dry season. (CNN)
April 25, 1999
Activity at Popocatepetl Volcano in Mexico remains stable, with small exhalations of gas and ash, and tremors up to magnitude 4.3 beneath and around the volcano. (CENAPRED)
*At Shishaldin Volcano in the Aleutian Islands of Alaska, some small eruptions continue, and seismicity is still at a fairly high level. (AVO Updates)
April 23, 1999
The Mariana Islands were shaken by a magnitude 5.5 earthquake today.
April 22, 1999
Moderate Strombolian activity continues at Shishaldin Volcano, Alaska, along with elevated seismic activity. (AVO Updates).
*The Republic of South Africa was shaken by a magnitude 6.0 earthquake today. So far there are no reports of injuries or damage.
April 20, 1999
On Unimak Island, Alaska Shishaldin Volcano erupted ash and steam 30,000+ feet into the air. The volcano is at the eastern end of the Aleutians, and is the most active in the chain. (Yahoo! News). As of 9 am, the eruption had subsided, but scientists at the Alaska Volcano Observatory (AVO) say that eruption could resume at any time. (AVO Updates) (AVO Atlas), (Smithsonian Global Volcanism Network) (Satellite Photos from the National Weather Service)
*The buildup of toxic gasses in Lakes Nyos and Monoun, which lie on the same faultline with Mount Cameroon, may pose a danger to nearby townspeople, according to the President of the World Comission of Volcanic Lakes. (Isaha'a Boh)
*An Earthquake of magnitude 6.5 shook the Kermadec Islands, near New Zealand today.
*Floods in Papua New Guinea have left 30,000 villagers without enough food, clean water and medical supplies. (Yahoo! News) There have been no reports of death or injuries so far.
April 17, 1999
In Hawaii today, an earthquake of magnitude 5.6 occurred. (Hawaii Volcano Observatory (HVO) map of recent events)
*Scientists working at Mount Cameroon say that there are 12 different vents erupting on Mount Cameroon. (CNN)
April 16, 1999
The large lava flow from Mount Cameroon crossed the Limbe-Idenau road today, cutting off Limbe from neighboring towns and engulfing the village of Bakingili. (Isaha'a Boh) The road that was cut also links Cameroon and Nigeria(Yahoo! News)
April 15, 1999
Moderate eruption at Popocateptl raises ash plume 3.5 km above the crater. (CENAPRED Popo Page (in Spanish with optional English translations)
*An earthquake of magnitude 5.8 shook the Eastern New Guinea Region of Papua New Guinea. (CNN)
April 12, 1999
Evacuation of villagers at foot of Mount Cameroon must be completed quickly, as the lava flow will cross the only asphalt road linking villages by Tuesday night, according to volcanologists. (CNN) (CNN) The volcano is still erupting at an altitude of 1400 meters above sea level. (Isaha'a Boh) (For general updates on Mount Cameroon in English go to Isaha'a Boh)
*The Vanatu Islands were shaken by an earthquake of magnitude 5.7 today.
April 11, 1999
Mudslides in Columbia have killed 24 since Friday. Torrential rains have saturated the ground and caused multiple landslides, as well as severe flooding. (CNN)
*Volcanologists say lava flow on Mount Cameroon is only 300 meters from the Limbe-Idenau road, which connects Cameroon with neighborring Nigeria. (Isaha'a Boh)
*At Popocatepetl Volcano in Mexico, monitoring systems detected several moderate exhalations, but no ashfall or incandesense was reported. (CENAPRED (in Spanish, but reports in english are available))
*An earthquake of magnitude 5.7 shook the New Britain Region of Papua New Guinea.
April 9, 1999
An earthquake of magnitude 5.5 occured south of the Fiji Islands, today.
April 8, 1999
Lava from Mt. Cameroon continues towards villages on its flank. The lava flow is more than 1.6 km wide and is moving more than 600 meters per day. (Yahoo! News) Volcanic tremors have destroyed buildings in the nearby towns, including schools. Cameroon's minister of Territorial Administration announced monitoring efforts on the lakes around Mount Cameroon. More than 10 years ago 1,700 people were killed by gas coming from lakes around the volcano. (Isaha'a Boh) (Smithsonian Global Volcanism Network)
*A magnitude 7.2 earthquake shook the Russia-China border region today. No damage was reported, but the quake was felt in several parts of northern China. (Yahoo! News)
April 7, 1999
A lava flow more than a mile wide on Mount Cameroon may cut trading routes between Cameroon and Nigeria. (BBC News)
*Strong tremors at and around Shishaldin Volcano, in the Aleutian Islands could be an indication that eruption is imminent.
April 6, 1999
Evacuation has started in three villages on the flanks of Mount Cameroon (CNN)
*Two earthquakes, of magnitude 6.4 and magnitude 5.5, shook the Eastern New Guinea Region today.
*An earthquake of magnitude 5.6 occurred on the Northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge today.
April 5, 1999
A magnitude 7.4 quake occurred off Papua New Guinea, in the New Britain Region. No injuries or damage were reported. (CNN)
April 3, 1999
A magnitude 6.2 quake near the coast of Peru killed one person and injured 29. (Yahoo! News).
*Mount Cameroon erupted again, increasing lava flows that spreading toward nearby villages. (CNN).
*Honduras was shaken by an earthquake of magnitude 5.7 today.
April 2, 1999
A magnitude 6.0 earthquake shook the Vanatu Islands today.
*Villagers from the area around Mount Cameroon have been evacuated as the lava flows spread. (CNN)
April 1, 1999
The New Britain Region of Papua New Guinea was shaken by a magnitude 5.8 earthqauke.


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