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September, 2000
New Madrid Earthquakes Still Threaten The Central United States, Scientists Conclude (Science Daily 9/29)
The threat of large earthquakes striking the New Madrid seismic zone remains all too real for people in St. Louis, Memphis and other parts of the central United States - despite recent reports to the contrary.
Extinction Rate Soaring (ABC News 9/29)
Conservationists estimate that the current extinction rate is 1,000 to 10,000 times higher than it should be under natural conditions. That means that in the first decades of the 21st century, many creatures may join the ranks of the flightless Dodo bird.
Quake Jars Assumptions About Crustal Plumbing, Life At Mid-Ocean Ridges (Science Daily 9/21)
A small earthquake off the coast of Washington that caused hydrothermal vent systems miles away to pump out substantially warmer water at 10 times the rate and in an unexpected pulsing pattern has seafloor geologists questioning long-held assumptions about how fluid circulates within oceanic crust.
San Jose Deep Well Will Monitor Groundwater And Assess Earthquake Hazards In Santa Clara Valley (Science Daily 9/18)
Drilling of a 1000-foot-deep ground-water monitoring well was scheduled to begin on September 14th in San Jose. The well will permit scientists to monitor the ground-water pressures that control potential land subsidence in the Santa Clara Valley, and will provide data to improve models used for estimating earthquake shaking in the San Jose area.
150- Year Global Ice Record Reveals Major Warming Trend (Science Daily 9/14)
The study, which includes 39 records of either freeze dates or breakup dates from 1846 to 1995, represents one of the largest and longest records of observable climate data ever assembled. The average rate of change over the 150-year period was 8.7 days later for freeze dates and 9.8 days earlier for breakup dates.

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