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May 2002
Astronomers Confirm 11 More Moons for Jupiter
( 05/16)
Jupiter has 11 more moons than astronomers once thought, bringing the known total for the giant planet to 39, the most in our solar system, scientists reported on Thursday.

Geologists Show How Wetlands Can Clean Up Acid Mine Drainage
( 05/16)
University of Cincinnati geologists have found that a few key factors can determine whether a wetland area can successfully reduce the impact from acid mine drainage.

Antarctic Ice Melt Poses Worldwide Threat
( 05/14)
The Antarctic Peninsula ice shelves are cracking up and, on the face of things, it is the most serious thaw since the end of the last ice age 12,000 years ago.

In Midst Of Drought, Scientists Hunt For Water Vapor
( 05/13)
Humidity doesn't guarantee rainfall, especially in a drought. Chasing a target that's not only moving but invisible, over 100 researchers will profile the water vapor that feeds heavy rain and thunderstorms across Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas as part of the large, complex International H20 Project (IHOP2002). Although drought conditions in parts of the study area may make water vapor even more elusive than usual, scientists expect to find it nevertheless.

Expedition To Explore Remarkable Deep-Sea Mountain
( 05/10)
Biologically rich deep-sea mountains called "seamounts" have long been known to science. The waters around seamounts are incredibly productive-feeding grounds for everything from fishes to sharks, albatrosses, and sperm whales. They may be home to vast fields of sponges and forests of centuries-old corals, deep-water relatives of the tropical corals. But by and large, little is known about what lives on the slopes of these ancient undersea volcanoes.

India's holiest river, the Ganges, brings disease and pollution
( 05/07)
For Vir Bhadra Mishra, the day is not complete without a dip in what he considers the holy waters of the Ganges, although he knows he risks his health by immersing himself in India's most polluted river.

New Fishing Plan Aims to Save Galapagos Wildlife
( 05/06)
Ecuador unveiled a plan on Monday to try to move local fishermen out of the environmentally sensitive waters around the Galapagos islands, in a bid to protect native marine and bird species.

Hubble's Advanced Camera Unveils A Panoramic New View Of The Universe 05/01)
Jubilant astronomers today unveiled humankind's most spectacular views of the universe, as captured by the NASA Hubble Space Telescope's new Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS). They also reported that Hubble is operating superbly since the March servicing mission and are looking forward to more pictures from the newly revived NICMOS camera.

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