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April 2002
NASA Unveils Images From Hubble's New Camera
( 04/30)
NASA unveiled images of a galactic tadpole, a pair of monster mice, a nursery for newborn stars and a giant pillar of dust on Tuesday in the first batch of pictures snapped by Hubble Space Telescope's newest camera.

NASA's Aqua Spacecraft To Study Earth's Water Cycle
( 04/24)
NASA's mission to understand and protect our home planet will mark a major milestone this spring with the launch of the Aqua satellite. Aqua, due to bring us unprecedented insight of our world's global water cycle, is the latest sibling in a family of Earth Observing System satellites dedicated to studying the Earth and our knowledge of global climate change.

Massive Icebergs May Affect Antarctic Sea Life And Food Chain
( 04/23)
NASA-funded research using satellite data has shown large icebergs that have broken off from Antarctica's Ross Ice Shelf are dramatically affecting the growth of minute plant life in the ocean around the region -- plant life vital to the local food chain.

Salton Sea efforts languish as state's water interests collide
( 04/23)
Efforts to save the Salton Sea, one of the most important but endangered habitats in North America, are in jeopardy as California races a federal deadline to reduce its use of Colorado River water and lawmakers worry the cost may be too high.

Hundreds of cities struggle to fix outdated sewers that overflow during storms
( 04/18)
Nearly every time rain falls on Indiana's capital, a repulsive scene replays itself in rivers and streams; gaping pipes spew human waste into waters where children often play.

Extensive Research Survey Confirms Life On Earth Now Being Affected By Global Warming
( 04/17)
A comprehensive summary has revealed, for the first time, the dramatic extent of disruptions now being experienced by Earth's species as a result of global warming. The extensive report compiles the results of over 100 research studies on the effects that recent climate changes have had on animals and plants throughout the world.

Dormant Volcanoes Shows Signs Of Life
( 04/16)
Previously dormant volcanoes in two widely separated areas of the Pacific "ring of fire" are showing signs of life, as documented by new images taken by the Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (Aster) on NASA's Terra satellite.

First Permanent Broadband Earthquake Monitor Placed In Monterey Bay Off California Coast
( 04/15)
Twenty-five miles off the Monterey coast and 3,000 feet down, a remotely operated vehicle, the Ventana, this week placed the first permanent broadband earthquake monitor on the California seafloor.

Dwindling water supplies are the world's biggest challenge
( 04/09)
A lack of clean water will be the biggest issue facing the world in the next 50 years, and governments and business are failing to face up to the challenge, a senior Australian researcher said on Monday.

Sandstone Formation Study May Help Petroleum Industry
( 04/08)
Virginia Tech geological-sciences Ph.D. candidate Jason Reed is trying to determine what controls sandstone formation and how its resulting reservoir quality can aid oil and gas companies search for potential targets for exploitation.

Asian Team to Clear Garbage, Bodies From Everest
( 04/04)
For years, it has been known as the world's highest mountain. But climbers say Mount Everest is also the world's highest garbage dump and final resting place.

Study: Missouri River most endangered waterway
( 04/02)
An environmental group says the Missouri River, tamed by six dams and managed with a preference for commerce over conservation, is threatened like no other river in the nation.

Antarctica Key To Sudden Sea Level Rise In The Past
( 04/01)
A massive and unusually abrupt rise in sea level about 14,200 years ago was caused by the partial collapse of ice sheets in Antarctica, a new study has shown, in research that solves a mystery scientists have been heatedly debating for more than a decade.

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