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March, 2001
The Largest Sunspot In Ten Years Blazes Away With Eruptions ( 3/30)
A huge sunspot, thirteen-times larger than the surface area of the Earth and growing, has now rotated with the Sun to face our planet. The sunspot, which is the largest of the current solar cycle, is also the largest to appear in a decade.
Movement Of Earth's Crust Can Now Be Detected Using GPS ( 3/28)
The same type of technology used by motorists to help them navigate city roadways can now be used to detect and measure the smallest movements in the Earth's crust, an international group of scientists, including a University of Toronto geophysicist, has found.
Spill contained, oil rig owner says ( 3/21)
A day after the world’s biggest oil rig sank deep to the ocean floor off Brazil’s coast, leaking crude oil and diesel, the offshore platform’s owners on Wednesday said the spill was being contained.
Millions dying needlessly from dirty water ( 3/21)
More than one billion people have no access to clean water and 3.4 million die every year from diseases that could be easily remedied by better supplies and sanitation, the World Health Organization said on Wednesday.
Skull may redefine human ancestry ( 3/21)
A 3.5 million-year-old skull has been found in Kenya, and scientists say it might evict the Ethiopian fossil nicknamed "Lucy" from the line of direct human ancestry.
Geologists Learning Uranium Containment From Nature ( 3/16)
Three decades ago, possibly one of the richest uranium deposits in the US was discovered at Coles Hill in rural South-central Virginia. Although the deposit was considered for mining, it was never developed. However, this site may yield knowledge of great value as a natural laboratory for radioactive waste containment.
Could hydrogen be the fuel of the future? ( 3/16)
No more smelly fumes at the gas station. No more polluting C02 emissions. Far less dependence on uneven supplies of fossil fuels. Could hydrogen, the simplest and most abundant element in the universe, address both energy and clean air concerns?
Report: Satellite data proves greenhouse effect ( 3/14)
Satellite data has provided the first "direct observational evidence" that the greenhouse effect is producing long-term changes in the Earth's atmosphere, scientists said Wednesday.
Wind-power facility could indicate shift in industry ( 3/14)
Officials in Harrisburg, Penn. Wednesday are to announce plans for the development of the largest wind-powered electric generation facility in the state, to be located in Fayette County about 40 miles southeast of Pittsburgh.
Thai farmer uses coconuts as alternative fuel ( 3/13)
A Thai farmer has found his own solution to global warming and the stagnation of Thailand’s rural economy in coconuts. The government has tried to tone down his excitement but some environmentalists say coconut fuel could reduce pollution while helping millions of poor farmers across Southeast Asia and other tropical areas.
Stress, Chaos Form Tallest Mountains In The Solar System ( 3/9)
It takes a lot of stress, and a little chaos, to create some of the tallest mountains in our solar system. That is the theory proposed by earth and planetary scientists at Washington University in St. Louis studying mountain formation and volcanic activity on Io, one of Jupiter's many moons.
Is ancient Machu Picchu in trouble? ( 3/7)
Machu Picchu, the ancient Inca citadel perched 8,366 feet up in the Peruvian Andes, could collapse at any time, New Scientist magazine reported Wednesday.
Ancient Earth Had Magnetic Field Three Times Stronger Than Once Thought ( 3/6)
A new technique for measuring the Earth's magnetic field back to the days of the dinosaurs and beyond has revealed that the magnetic field was as much as three times stronger in ancient Earth than previous techniques suggested.

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