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December, 2000
Underwater landslides pose major tsunami risk ( 12/29)
Scientists studying the California coast warn that major subsea landslides can trigger tsunamis, so-called "tidal-waves," with the potential to sweep away coastal communities.
Dino-Killing Crater Gets the Drill ( News 12/18)
The crater that marked the end of the dinosaurs is about to a get the closest scrutiny ever by scientists planning an ambitious project to drill through the crater to the ancient sediments below.
Coral reefs, often compared to rainforests, are among the ocean's most diverse ecosystems ( 12/11)
The world has lost an estimated 27 percent of its coral reefs, an international environmental monitoring organization said Monday.
Ozone Hole May Be Closing ( 12/07)
Three hundred atmospheric experts who met in Buenos Aires late last month concluded that the large hole in Earth's ozone layer is beginning to close.
Researchers say Alaskan glacier falling apart 12/06)
Alaska's Columbia Glacier, which moves into the sea at a rate of up to 110 feet (34 meters) a day, is ready to disintegrate, leaving a spectacular fjord, researchers said on Tuesday.
Scientists find fossils of early man in Kenya ( 12/05)
French and Kenyan scientists have unearthed fossils thought to be the remains of mankind's earliest known ancestor -- predating previous discoveries by more than 1.5 million years.

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