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November, 1996
Life, Life Everywhere (Scientific American 11/25/96)
"The origin of life on earth appears more and more inevitable--or does it?"
Earliest Homo Fossil Found (NY Times 11/19/96)
Ancient Jaw Sheds Light on Early Humans (ScienceNow 11/19/96)
"Scientists have discovered in Ethiopia what may be the earliest known fossil from a member of our own genus, Homo: an upper jaw dated at about 2.33 million years old."
Earliest Evidence for life on Earth (Nature 11/14/96)
Surveyor soars toward red planet: Satellite to map Martian surface (CNN 11/7/96)
Ozone hole grows to record size (CNN 11/2/96)
"The ozone hole over Antarctica has widened to record size this season, nearly as large as the combined area of the United States and Canada, according to the World Meteorological Organization."
British present new evidence of life on Mars (CNN 11/1/96)
"British scientists Thursday said...they found organic matter in two meteorites -- one was the meteorite tested by NASA and the other, a newly tested meteorite that crashed to Earth 600,000 years ago."
The Case for Electric Vehicles (Scientific American 11/96)
Global Climate Change on Mars (Scientific American 11/96)

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