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November, 2000
U.S. groups to assess climate talk failures ( 11/28)
U.S.-based environmentalists plan to meet Tuesday for a review of what went wrong -- and possibly what went right -- at the failed international climate change talks in The Hague last week.
Solar Flare Series Bashes Earth
( 11/27)
A series of Thanksgiving flares from the sun is hammering Earth with radiation and X-rays, and could cause northern lights to reach low latitudes.
Midwest Geologists Offer New Look At Ancient Continental Collisions (Science Daily 11/22)
A team of geologists has accumulated extensive evidencethat contradicts a previous view of how the continents which formed Gondwana collided and came apart to form what is now North and South America.
Deep Mantle Volcanic Plumes Cause Of Atmospheric Oxygenation
(Science Daily 11/20)
Most researchers agree that the initial rise in the Earth's atmospheric oxygen occurred between 2400 and 1800 million years ago, but oxygen producing bacteria existed more than 300 million years before that. What caused this delay?
U.S. singled out as world's largest polluter at Hague conference (CNN news 11/20)
U.S. lawmakers reacted sharply on Monday to criticism from French President Jacques Chirac that the United States was ducking its responsibility to cut greenhouse gas emissions implicated in global warming.
U.S. blasted at Hague conference for proposed use of 'carbon sinks'(CNN news 11/16)
Environmentalists lashed out at the United States on Thursday for what they allege is a cynical scheme to turn the Amazon and other primal forests into "carbon sinks" to soak up greenhouse gases.
Alaska's Tongass Forest added to protection plan (CNN news 11/13)
In a major win for environmentalists, President Bill Clinton's administration has added Alaska's Tongass National Forest -- the country's largest -- to a protection plan for some of the United States' most pristine lands. The plan will protect 8.5 million acres in the Tongass, and 58.5 million acres in national forests across the US.
New meat-eating dinosaur identified in Italy (CNN news 11/09)
Fossil fragments found in a northern Italian quarry belong to a new species of dinosaur that lived 200 million years ago -- one of the oldest meat-eating reptiles ever discovered, Italian paleontologists said Thursday.
UC Irvine Study Determines Levels Of Ozone-Depleting Gases Emitted By Rice Paddies Into Atmosphere (Science Daily 11/03)
A UC Irvine study has determined that the world's rice paddies emit a small but significant amount of methyl halide gases that contribute to stratospheric ozone depletion, suggesting that agricultural sources also play a role in this atmospheric phenomena.
Ship Slams Great Barrier Reef (Discovery Earth Alert 11/03)
A Malaysian container ship transporting 1,200 tons of fuel, oil and other unspecified hazardous fluids, ran aground on the Great Barrier Reef on Thursday, crushing its hull and triggering fears of a potential environmental catastrophe.
Coral catastrophe (CNN news 11/02)
Global warming adds energy to our entire atmosphere that leads to more frequent, intense storms, as well as coral bleaching El NiŠo events.

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