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January, 2002
Adsorption On Clay Accounts For Organic-Rich Rocks
( 01/30)
Despite intensive research in the past several decades, the controls on the burial of organic-rich material in marine sediments are not fully understood by paleoceanographers and petroleum geologists. In the 25 January 2002 issue of Science, the University of California, Riverside's Martin Kennedy and colleagues report a new mechanism to explain organic-rich rocks common in Late Cretaceous (~60 million years ago) sediments.

NASA Unveils New "Natural Hazards" Web Site
( 12/11)
NASA has unveiled a new Web site in which it publishes satellite images in near real time over natural hazards around the world. A new addition to NASA's Earth Observatory (, the Natural Hazards section contains images and information about major environmental events that are potentially hazardous to human populations.

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