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Technical Report Writing Today, Eighth Edition
Daniel G. Riordan and Steven E. Pauley
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Process Description

Creating a Machine Drawing for a Manufacturing Firm
By Ed Salmon

A machine drawing graphically represents the way that a machine part will be manufactured.  To ensure that the drawing has all the proper information needed for manufacturing, it goes through a four-stage process: designing, drafting, checking for quality, and evaluating. Successful completion leads to manufacturing the part (See Figure 1).


In the design stage the designer initiates the process by making a rough sketch of a particular part that needs to be manufactured. Suppose, for example, the designer needs a 3-inch-square block with a 1-inch hole drilled in the center.  He or she sketches this part on a piece of paper.  This sketch, however, is not the formal drawing.  A number of people review it before it is accepted and completed.


The drafting stage produces the formal drawing. The draftsperson uses standard drafting procedures and follows company standards in order to draw the 3-inch square with a 1-inch hole drilled in the center.

Checking for Quality

In the quality control (QC) stage, the quality control person inspects the drawing and reviews it for proper use of standard drafting procedures and company standards. The QC person also determines that the drawing has all the necessary information for the part to be manufactured. For example, he or she would reject the drawing if the 1-inch drilled hole were not located within the proper dimensions. He or she marks the errors and indicates the corrections on the drawing.  The corrected drawing is sent to the original designer.


The designer evaluates the drawing. It must show everything needed for manufacturing and be free of errors. If the drawing needs more work, it is sent back to the draftsperson to have the errors corrected. Once the corrections are made, the drawing goes back to the designer.  If the drawing is acceptable, it is sent to manufacturing.


Manufacturing is the creation of the part based on the information provided on the completed drawing.  The people on the manufacturing floor use the drawing to set up the appropriate machines and the production of the 3-inch square block with the 1-inch hole in the center begins. The drawing is filed for reference.

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