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Technical Report Writing Today, Eighth Edition
Daniel G. Riordan and Steven E. Pauley
Student Samples

This section of the Web site contains a number of examples that do not appear in Technical Report Writing Today, eighth edition. Click your choice below.

Chapter 5: Research Reports
Two reports show how students researched Web sites and journal articles to present data that other professionals can use. Both reports use APA documentation format and illustrate formal report structure.
Chapter 8: Visual Aid Explanations and Analytical Memos
Two memos illustrate brief reports that focus on a visual aid in order to present data and conclusions. One memo reports the results of an interview.
Chapter 10: Mechanism Description
Two descriptions clearly explain simple mechanisms for an audience.
Chapter 10: Process Description
Five reports, some in memo form and some in report form, show the form, detail level, and use of visual aids in describing processes.
Chapter 12:IMRD (Science/Lab) Reports
Three reports illustrate how the IMRD (Introduction, Method, Results, Conclusion) report can fit many situations. The reports contain tables that form the basis for the entire report.
Chapter 13: Web Reports and Web Sites
Five Web sites show how students created informational reports in order to deliver information about topics they had researched. The goal of the sites is to present information in "Webbed" rather than "linear" structure. Note that some use frames and some use different kinds of introductions.
Chapter 15: Recommendation and Feasibility Reports
Five reports, presented in the long memo format, show how to arrange this type of report and how to use criteria to present effective, credible recommendations.
Chapter 16: Proposals
Three proposals, from very different situations, show how to present the situation so that the audience will be disposed to act in the manner that the writer suggests. All reports are in the long memo format.
Chapter 20: Letters of Application
Three letters illustrate effective presentation of the writer. The letters show how to use key words effectively and also show standard block format.
Multiple Chapters: Project Planning and Self-Evaluation
This folder contains a series of related Word documents created by one student in preparation for creating a feasibility report. It includes a style sheet, a proposal, IMRD reports, the feasibility report created from these materials, and the learning report in which the student reflects on what he learned during the process.

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