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Technical Report Writing Today, Eighth Edition
Daniel G. Riordan and Steven E. Pauley
Chapter Overviews

Chapter 1: Definition of Technical Writing

Chapter 2: Defining Audiences

Chapter 3: The Technical Writing Process

Chapter 4: Technical Writing Style

Chapter 5: Researching

Chapter 6: Summarizing

Chapter 7: Designing Pages

Chapter 8: Using Visual Aids

Chapter 9: Defining

Chapter 10: Describing

Chapter 11: Sets of Instructions

Chapter 12: Memorandums and Informal Reports

Chapter 13: Developing Web Sites

Chapter 14: Formal Reports

Chapter 15: Recommendation and Feasibility Reports

Chapter 16: Proposals

Chapter 17: User Manuals

Chapter 18: Oral Reports

Chapter 19: Letters

Chapter 20: Job Application Materials

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