Answers to Practice Runs


Fastest Route: Usage Glossary: entry on itís/its, more at p.

Other Routes: From the Key to the Book: Part 9, Punctuation® Menu

On divider: 48f Itís versus Its® p.341

From the Table of Contents: Apostrophe® Itís versus its® Tabbed divider for punctuation (48f)® p.341

From the Index: Itís versus Its® p.341

Correct usage: Use its


Possible Routes: Start from the Key to the Book, the Table of Contents, the Index, or the MLA Index.

Fastest Route: Going straight to the MLA Index is best, as it refers you right to the page number for a citation of a book with one author

Correct citation within your sentence:

After interviewing many women, Rogan comes to the conclusion that "the more integrated the Army became, the more trouble there was" (159).

Correct entry in your list of Works Cited:

Rogan, Helen. Mixed Company. New York: Putnamís, 1981.


Three Routes to find what you need:

  1. From the Key to the Book, looking under: "Finding a Focus" ® on tabbed divider: 2a, 2b "Narrowing your topic to reach a thesis" and "Formulating a working thesisóand why you need one" ® pp. 14, 15
  2. From the Table of Contents ® 2a, 2b "Narrowing your topic" and "Formulating a thesis" ® tabbed dividers 21, 2b ® pp. 14, 15
  3. From the Index ® Focus or topic or thesis (key words in the comment) ® pp. 14, 15


Best route: From "Common Correction/Editing Marks" ® frag ® secton 38.


In World War II, women demanded to be sent overseas. This led to the formation of the Womenís Army Corps.