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Adjectives and Adverbs: Order of Adjectives

When two or more adjectives modify a noun, they occur in a usual order. Commas separate adjectives of evaluation; they are regarded as coordinate adjectives because their order can be reversed and the word and can be inserted between them. No commas separate adjectives in other categories.

Order of Adjectives
  1. Determiner: a, an, the, this, that, these, those, possessives (its, our), quantity words (many, some), numerals (five, nineteen)
  2. Adjective of evaluation: interesting, delicious, comfortable, inexpensive, heavy
  3. Adjective describing size: big, little, huge
  4. Adjective describing shape: round, square, long
  5. Adjective describing age: old, young, new
  6. Adjective describing color: white, red
  7. Adjective describing national origin: Italian, European
  8. Adjective describing religious faith: Catholic, Buddhist
  9. Adjective describing material: oak, ivory, wooden
  10. A noun used as an adjective: kitchen cabinet, writing desk
  Examples Many little white ivory buttons
Her beautiful long kitchen table
A delicious, inexpensive Italian meal
Her efficient, hardworking, ambitious secretary

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