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The Heath Anthology of American Literature, Fifth Edition
Paul Lauter, General Editor
Timeline - 1980

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Toni Cade Bambara
   The Salt Eaters

Amiri Baraka (LeRoi Jones)
   "In the Tradition," Greenfield Review

Gwendolyn Brooks
   Primer for Blacks
   Young Poet's Primer

Sterling A. Brown
   Song of Triumph** text file

Carved on the Walls: Poetry by Early Chinese Immigrants
 About Westerners
   51 [I hastened here for the sake of my stomach and landed promptly in jail]**
   55 [Shocking news, truly sad, reached my ears]**
 Deportees, Transients
   57 [On a long voyage I travelled across the sea]**
   64 Crude Poem Inspired by the Landscape**
   69 [Detained in this wooden house for several tens of days]**
 The Detainment
   20 [Imprisonment at Youli, when will it end?]**
   30 [After leaping into prison, I cannot come out]**
   31 [There are tens of thousands of poems composed on these walls]**
 The Voyage
   5 [Four days before the Qiqiao Festival]**
   8 [Instead of remaining a citizen of China, I willingly became an ox]**
 The Weak Shall Conquer
   35 [Leaving behind my writing brush and removing my sword, I came to America]**
   38 [Being idle in the wooden building, I opened a window]**
   42 [The dragon out of water is humiliated by ants]**

Lucille Clifton
   Two-Headed Woman

Robert Creeley
   Charles Olson and Robert Creeley: The Complete Correspondence, ed. George F. Butterick

Rita Dove
   Kentucky, 1833**
   The Yellow House on the Corner

Lawrence Ferlinghetti
   Literary San Francisco

Lillian Hellman

June Jordan
   Passion: New Poems 1977-1980

Maxine Hong Kingston
   China Men

Etheridge Knight
   A Poem for Myself (Or Blues for a Mississippi Black Boy)**
   Born of A Woman: New and Selected Poems
   Ilu, the Talking Drum**

Audre Lorde
   The Cancer Journals

Norman Mailer
   Of Women and Their Elegance

Mary McCarthy
   Ideas and the Novel

Native American Oral Narrative
   Wohpe and the Gift of the Pipe (Lakota)**

Joyce Carol Oates

Simon Ortiz (Acoma Pueblo)
   Fight Back: For the Sake of the People, For the Sake of the Land

Cynthia Ozick
   The Shawl**

Ishmael Reed
   The Ace Booms

Wendy Rose (Hopi)
   Lost Cropper

Lee Smith
   Black Mountain Breakdown

Gary Snyder
   The Real Work: Interviews & Talks, 1964-1979

Tales from the Hispanic Southwest
   El indito de las cien vacas/The Indian and the Hundred Cows**
   El obispo/The New Bishop**
   La comadre Sebastiana/Doņa Sebastiana**
   Los tres hermanos/The Three Brothers**

John Updike
   Rabbit Is Rich

Robert Penn Warren
   Fear and Trembling**

Eudora Welty
   The Collected Stories of Eudora Welty

Related Literary Events

Robert Hayden died.

Katherine Anne Porter died.

Muriel Rukeyser died.

James Wright died.

Other Literary Publications

- Ann Beattie, Falling in Place

- Michelle Cliff, Claiming an Identity They Taught Me to Despise

- Velina Hasu Houston, Asa Ga Kimashita (Morning Has Broken)

Violent race riots break out in Miami, Florida.

Fidel Castro allows thousands of Cuban refugees to leave for Florida in the Mariel boat lift.

Carter withdraws Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty II (SALT II) agreement from Senate after Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

End of worst inflation and high interest rates.

Refugee Act of 1980 passed; changes definition of "refugee" to include people fleeing communism.

Orderly Departure Program set up by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam so that Vietnamese may legally emigrate.

To protest the Soviet invasion and occupation of Afghanistan, President Carter orders the boycott of the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow.

President Carter orders a military mission to attempt to free the hostages being held in Tehran; mission fails, eight U.S. soldiers killed (April 25).

Ronald Reagan is elected President.

text file  Cable News Network, a twenty-four-hour cable channel, begins programming .

Women comprise forty percent of total U.S. workforce.

For the first time, the U.S. Census allows women to be listed under the "Head of Household" category.

Total Native American population is one million, among which unemployment ranges from sixty to ninety percent and life expectancy is forty-five years.

1.9 million Asian-American women live in the U.S.

audio fileWeathering Out