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The Heath Anthology of American Literature, Fifth Edition
Paul Lauter, General Editor
Timeline - 1975

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John Ashbery
†† As You Came from the Holy Land**
†† Self Portrait in a Convex Mirror
†† The Vermont Notebook

Amiri Baraka (LeRoi Jones)
†† Hard Facts

Donald Barthelme
†† The Dead Father

Saul Bellow
†† Humboldt's Gift

Gwendolyn Brooks
†† A Capsule Course in Black Poetry Writing
†† Beckonings

Jessica Hagedorn
†† Dangerous Music
†† The Blossoming of BongBong**

Joy Harjo (Creek)
†† The Last Song

Michael S. Harper
†† Nightmare Begins Responsibility**

Meridel LeSueur
†† Rites of Ancient Ripening

Denise Levertov
†† Footprints
†† The Freeing of the Dust

Bharati Mukherjee
†† Wife

Frank O'Hara
†† Art Chronicles, 1954-1966

Grace Paley
†† Enormous Changes at the Last Minute

Thomas Pynchon
†† A Secretary to the Spirits

Charles Reznikoff
†† Holocaust

Adrienne Rich
†† Adrienne Rich's Poetry

Edwin Arlington Robinson
†† Uncollected Poems and Prose

Anne Sexton
†† The Awful Rowing Toward God

Allen Tate
†† Memoirs and Opinions 1926-1974

John Updike
†† A Month of Sundays
†† Picked-Up Pieces

Robert Penn Warren
†† Democracy and Poetry
†† Evening Hawk**
†† Jefferson Davis Gets His Citizenship Back

Tennessee Williams
†† Memoirs

Related Literary Events

Anne Spencer died.

Other Literary Publications

- Angela de Hoyos, Chicano Poems for the Barrio

- Angela de Hoyos, Arise Chicano

- Joanna Russ, The Female Man

- Jade Snow Wong, No Chinese Stranger

- Gayl Jones, Corregidora

Confrontation between American Indian Movement (AIM) activists and FBI agents at the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation leaves one Native American and two FBI agents dead.

Senate rejects President Fordís request for emergency aid for South Vietnam.

Khmer Rouge takes control in Cambodia.

Pro-Hanoi Peopleís Democratic Republic established in Laos.

U.S. Voting Rights Act expanded to include Mexican Americans.

North Vietnamese offensive captures Danang.

South Vietnam surrenders following North Vietnamís capture of Saigon; fall of South Vietnamese government.

Promotion of Daniel James, Jr., to the rank of four-star general; first African American to earn such a distinction in the U.S. armed forces.

Taylor v. Louisiana: the automatic exclusion of women from serving as jurors is unconstitutional.

Over 130,000 refugees arrive in the U.S. from Laos, Vietnam, and Kampuchea after Communists take over governments there at the end of the Indochina War.

North Vietnam invades South Vietnam and captures Saigon quickly; U.S. refuses to intervene.

Sixty-three hundred women attend the United Nations International Women's Year conference held in Mexico City.

Maxine Hong Kingston
from †The Woman Warrior
†† White Tigers**