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The Heath Anthology of American Literature, Fifth Edition
Paul Lauter, General Editor
Timeline - 1972

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Rudolfo A. Anaya
from  Bless Me, Ultima

John Ashbery
   Three Poems

James Baldwin
   No Name in the Street

Toni Cade Bambara
   "Black English," Curriculum Approaches From a Black Perspective
   "The Johnson Girls," Soul Show, NEA (television script)
   Gorilla My Love
   My Man Bovanne** video file

Amiri Baraka (LeRoi Jones)
   Spirit Reach

John Barth

Donald Barthelme

Gwendolyn Brooks
   Report from Part One

Lucille Clifton
   Good News: About the Earth

Robert Creeley
   A Day Book (prose and poetry)
   Listen (play)

Carolyn Forché
   Women in American Labor History 1825-1935: An Annotated Bibliography, with Mary Jane Soltow

Allen Ginsberg
   Iron Horse

H.D. (Hilda Doolittle)
   Hermetic Definition

Jessica Hagedorn
   Chiquita Banana

Michael S. Harper
   Photographs: Negatives; History as Apple Tree
   Song: I Want a Witness**

Etheridge Knight
   Black Voices from Prison

Mary McCarthy

D'Arcy McNickle
   Indian Man: A Life of Oliver La Farge

James Merrill
   The Victor Dog**

Native American Oral Poetry
Aztec Poetry
   Like Flowers Continually Perishing (Ayocuan)**

Joyce Carol Oates
   Marriages and Infidelities

Ishmael Reed
   I am a cowboy in the boat of Ra**
from  Mumbo Jumbo
   Chapter 10**

Muriel Rukeyser
   "Craft Interview with Muriel Rukeyser," New York Quarterly 11

Sonia Sanchez
   Ima Talken bout the Nation of Islam

Anne Sexton
   The Book of Folly

John Updike
   Museums and Women

Eudora Welty
   The Optimist's Daughter

Related Literary Events

Joseph Kalar died.

Younghill Kang died.

Marianne Moore died.

Ezra Pound died.

Thomas S. Whitecloud (Chippewa) died.

Other Literary Publications

- Kathleen E. Woodiwiss, The Flame and the Flower

- Alix Kates Shulman, Memoirs of an Ex-Prom Queen

- Willyce Kim, Eating Artichokes

Break-in at the Democratic National Committee headquarters in Watergate complex.

More than twenty-four thousand U.S. military personnel remain in Vietnam.

U.S. bombs Hanoi and Haiphong.

South Vietnam rejects peace treaty.

Preliminary peace agreement reached; National Security Adviser Henry Kissinger announces that "peace is at hand".

North Vietnam launches first ground offensive since 1968.

President Nixon visits the Soviet Union.

Last U.S. ground troops leave South Vietnam, turn war over to South Vietnamese army.

U.S. bombing and mining of North Vietnamese ports.

Congress drafts an Equal Rights amendment to the Constitution and sends it to the states for ratification; amendment fails to gain passage of two-thirds of the States by 1978.

Members of the American Indian Movement(AIM) occupy the site of the 1890 massacre at Wounded Knee; federal agents attack, killing two.

Richard Nixon is reelected president.

SALT I agreement approved.

Ramona Acosta Banuelos becomes U.S. Treasurer; he is the first Hispanic named to this position.

Trail of Broken Treaties protest march ends in Washington, D.C., with the occupation of the Bureau of Indian Affairs headquarters by AIM and Native American activists.

Shirley Chisholm seeks Democratic presidential nomination; first African American and first woman to do so.

Civil rights activist Angela Davis acquitted of all charges brought against her after a 1970 courtroom shooting.

President Nixon visits Moscow.

President Nixon visits China; signals the end of more than twenty years of Sino-American hostility (February 22).

First shelter for battered women opens in St. Paul, Minnesota.

First rape crisis center opens in Washington, D.C.

First issue of Ms. magazine published with Gloria Steinem as editor.