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The Heath Anthology of American Literature, Fifth Edition
Paul Lauter, General Editor
Timeline - 1964

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African American Folktales
Animal Tales
The Signifying Monkey** image file image file

Edward Albee
Sandbox and The Death of Bessie Smith

James Baldwin
Blues for Mister Charlie

Amiri Baraka (LeRoi Jones)
An Agony. As now.**
The Dead Lecturer

Donald Barthelme
Come Back, Dr. Caligari (stories)

Saul Bellow

Ralph Waldo Ellison
Shadow and Act

Ernest J. Gaines
Catherine Carmier

Lorraine Vivian Hansberry
The Movement: Documentary of a Struggle for Equality

Ernest Hemingway
A Moveable Feast

Denise Levertov
O Taste and See

Paule Marshall
Some Get Wasted

Mary McCarthy
The Group

Joyce Carol Oates
With Shuddering Fall

Frank O'Hara
Lunch Poems
The Day Lady Died**

Charles Olson
A Bibliography on America for Ed Dorn

Ann Petry
Tituba of Salem Village

Theodore Roethke
Sequence, Sometimes Metaphysical
The Far Field

Anne Sexton
Selected Poems

John Updike
Olinger Stories
The Ring

Malcolm X
Autobiography of Malcolm X (with Alex Haley)
The Ballot or the Bullet**

Related Literary Events

Anna Julia Cooper died.

Nella Larsen died.

Flannery O'Connor died.

Other Literary Publications

- Shirley Ann Grau, The Keepers of the House

- Qyawayma Polingaysi (Hopi), No Turning Back

- Jane Rule, Desert of the Heart

- Carolyn Heilbrun (alias Amanda Cross), In the Final Analysis

General William Westmoreland takes charge of U.S. Military Assistance Command in South Vietnam.

Three civil rights workers murdered by white segregationists in Mississippi.

Martin Luther King, Jr. wins Nobel Peace Prize.

Twenty-fourth Amendment outlaws the poll tax (a measure used against black voters).

Economic Opportunity Act initiates War on Poverty.

Lyndon Johnson is reelected president in a landslide over Senator Barry Goldwater.

U.S. commences bombing of North Vietnam.

A total Of 23,300 U.S. military personnel in Vietnam.

Malcolm X leaves the Nation of Islam to form his own group.

The bracero program of importing cheap Mexican labor ends.

First Asian American woman, Patsy Mink, elected to the U.S. House of Representatives from Hawaii.

Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party founded by Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) activists including Fannie Lou Hamer and Amzie Moore.

Freedom Summer in Mississippi.

President Johnson signs the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (July 2).

Gulf of Tonkin Incident: North Vietnamese patrol boats exchange fire with U.S. ships off the coast of Vietnam; the Tonkin Gulf Resolution gives President Johnson the authority to order increased military operations in Vietnam (August 2).

California surpasses New York to become most populous state.

The Beatles arrive in the U.S. and I Want to Hold Your Hand tops the charts.

Jerry Garcia founds the Grateful Dead.

text file Free Speech movement begins at the University of California at Berkeley; students strike for the elimination of limits on free speech on campus.

audio file Malcolm X Speaks

audio fileFor Pharoah Sanders

audio fileIn Walked Bud

audio fileShazam Doowah

audio fileBang, Bang Outishly

audio filePoetry Reading and Discussion