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The Heath Anthology of American Literature, Fifth Edition
Paul Lauter, General Editor
Timeline - 1948

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James Baldwin
   Sonny's Blues**

Willa Cather
   The Old Beauty and Others

William Faulkner
   Intruder in the Dust

Zora Neale Hurston
   Seraph on the Swanee

Robinson Jeffers
   The Double Axe and Other Poems

Norman Mailer
   The Naked and the Dead

Ezra Pound
from  The Cantos
   LXXXI [Yet/Ere the season died a-cold]**

Theodore Roethke
   Big Wind**
   Root Cellar**
   Frau Baumann, Frau Schmidt, and Frau Schwartze**
from  The Lost Son
   1. The Flight**
   4. The Return**
   5. It was beginning winter**

Edwin Rolfe

Robert Penn Warren
   The Circus in the Attic and Other Stories

Related Literary Events

Wendy Rose (Hopi) was born.

Leslie Marmon Silko (Laguna) was born.

Susan Glaspell died.

Claude McKay died.

Genevieve Taggard died.

Other Literary Publications

- Shirley Jackson, "The Lottery"

Communist coup in Czechoslovakia.

President Truman orders an end to segregation in the armed forces.

Congress approves Marshall Plan.

Communist leaders put on trial under the Smith Act.

State of Israel founded.

Women's Armed (Services) Integration Act signed by President Truman.

Eleanor Roosevelt drafts the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Japanese American Evacuation Claims Act signed; allows claims to be filed against the U.S. government for financial losses sustained during internment.

Syngman Rhee named president of the newly formed Republic of Korea.

Soviets block land access to Berlin; U.S. and Western European powers begin Berlin airlift.

Governor Strom Thurmond is nominated by the States' Rights Democratic Party ("Dixiecrats") for the presidency.

Harry S. Truman is reelected president after close race with Governor Thomas Dewey of New York.

Supreme Court declares California ban on interracial marriage unconstitutional.

text file  Dr. Alfred Kinsey publishes Sexual Behavior in the Human Male.

The transistor, a tiny, solid-state component used for electronic equipment, is invented at Bell Labs.

audio fileMy Papa's Waltz

audio fileSnake

audio fileCanto 99

audio fileCanto LXXXIV