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The Heath Anthology of American Literature, Fifth Edition
Paul Lauter, General Editor
Timeline - 1886

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Louisa May Alcott
   Jo's Boys

William Dean Howells
   Indian Summer

Henry James
   The Bostonians
   The Princess Cassamassima

Sarah Orne Jewett
   A White Heron and Other Stories**

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Constance Fenimore Woolson
   East Angels

Related Literary Events
Randolph Bourne was born.

H.D. (Hilda Doolittle), was born.

Mary Boykin Chesnut died.

Emily Dickinson died.
Chinese residents are forcibly expelled from many U.S. cities including Tacoma and Seattle, Washington.

First female mayor, Suzanna Madora Salter, elected in Argonia, Kansas.

Severe drought on the Plains destroys cattle and grain.

Wabash v. Illinois.
Workers at McCormick Harvester Company strike in Chicago.

Streetcar strike in New York City.

Massacre of twenty blacks in Carrollton, Mississippi.

First May Day demonstrations for the eight-hour workday.

Yick Wo v. Hopkins; laws which impact different groups unequally are discriminatory.

Immigration of Chinese to Hawaii ends.

Apache leader Geronimo is captured; remnants of the Apache tribe are assigned small reservations in the Southwest.

Founding of American Federation of Labor (AFL).

New York CIty United Labor Party founded.

Haymarket Massacre: bomb explodes in Haymarket Square, Chicago, and police open fire on Anarcho-Communist protestors (May 4).

Richard Warren Sears founds the company that will become Sears, Roebuck.

text file  Statue of Liberty dedicated in New York Harbor.

Young Women's Hebrew Association founded with Julia Richman as president.

The divorce rate rises: 25,535 cases in 1886 compared to 9,937 in 1867.

image file  The Immigrant Dream and the US as a Land of Opportunity