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The Heath Anthology of American Literature, Fifth Edition
Paul Lauter, General Editor
Timeline - 1867

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Anne Bradstreet
   "To My Dear Children"**
William Wells Brown
 from Clotelle; or, The Colored Heroine
   II: "The Negro Sale"** audio file
   X: "The Quadroon's Home"**
   XI: "To-day a Mistress, To-morrow a Slave"**
   XVIII: "A Slave-Hunting Parson"**

Lydia Maria Child
   A Romance of the Republic

Ralph Waldo Emerson

George Washington Harris
   Mrs. Yardley's Quilting**

Harriet Ann Jacobs
   Harriet Jacobs to Ednah Dow Cheney, April 25, 1867**

Sarah M. B. Piatt
   Giving Back the Flower**
   Shapes of a Soul**

Songs of the Slaves
   Deep River**
   Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel**
   Go Down, Moses** audio file
   Lay Dis Body Down**
   Many Thousand Go**
   Michael Row the Boat Ashore**
   Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Had**
   Roll, Jordan, Roll** audio file
   Steal Away to Jesus** audio file
   There's a Meeting Here To-Night**

Elizabeth Stoddard
   Temple House

Walt Whitman
 from Inscriptions
   One's-Self I Sing**

Related Literary Events
Finley Peter Dunne was born.

John Rollin Ridge (Cherokee) died.

Catharine Maria Sedgwick died.

Other literary publications
- Augusta Evans, St. Elmo
General German Workingman's Association founded; first U.S. Marxist organization.

Medicine Lodge Treaty.

William Seward negotiates the purchase of Alaska.

Constitutional conventions meet in the ex-Confederate states.

Joseph McCoy organizes cattle drives to Abilene, Kansas.

New Indian policy of smaller reservations adopted.

Grange organized.

Nebraska becomes the thirty-seventh state.

Two Thousand Chinese railroad workers stage a one-week strike.

Maimonedes College, first rabbinical school in America, founded in Philadelphia.

Alaska is purchased from Russia for $7.2 million.

All males over age twenty-one granted suffrage (January 31).

First Reconstruction Act divides South into military administrative zones; guarantees civil rights of the residents without regard to race (March 2).