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The Heath Anthology of American Literature, Fifth Edition
Paul Lauter, General Editor
The Heath Anthology Newsletter
Fall 1998

Comprehensive Collections, Contemporary Cutural Approaches

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Border Texts
Cultural Readings for Contemporary Writers

Randall Bass, Georgetown University

1999 - 736 pages - Paperback - Instructor's Resource Manual - Web Site - ISBN 0-395-67728-9

An innovative contemporary reader, Border Texts explores a range of critical questions about American culture, identity, and notions of difference, focusing on the physical and symbolic borders that define and limit its meaning.
  • More than 70 selections--both conventional and non-conventional--address the construction of identity and the negotiation of differences across gender, cultural, and class boundaries. Readings include an excerpt from Spiegelman's Maus and works by Guillermo Gomez-Pena, Adrienne Rich, Gerald Early, and Richard Rodriguez.
  • Graphic images ranging from ads to photographs are treated as texts, with questions that lead students to connect them to the readings and the chapter themes.
  • Border Texts Online, a web site created by Randall Bass, complements the book by creating a compelling visual space for students to further explore issues and ideas in the text and by offering resources to instructors.
  • End-of-chapter writing suggestions and other activities, carefully keyed to the chapters' framing essays and critical questions, draw together various readings and focus students on significant issues.

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Call & Response:
The Riverside Anthology of the African American Literary Tradition

Patricia Liggins Hill (General Editor), University of San Francisco
Bernard W. Bell, Pennsylvania State University
Trudier Harris, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
William J. Harris, Pennsylvania State University
R. Baxter Miller, University of Georgia
Sondra A. O'Neale, Wayne State University
with Horace Porter, Stanford University

Paperback package with CD: 2,048 pages - $33.27 - ISBN 0-395-88405-5
Hardcover package with CD: 2,048 pages - $37.47 - ISBN 0-395-88404-7
Hardcover Version: ISBN 0-395-80961-4 - 1024 pages - 1997
Paperback Version: ISBN 0-395-80962-2 - 1024 pages - 1997

This comprehensive, chronological anthology of African and African American literature is the fruition of the editors' combined conviction that there is a distinctly black literary and cultural aesthetic, one that originated in the oral traditions of Africa and was kept alive during the American slavery experience. This text represents the centuries-long emergence of this aesthetic in poetry, fiction, drama, essays, speeches, sermons, criticism, journals, and the full range of song lyrics from the spiritual to rap.
  • Full teaching apparatus includes an introduction to each of the six parts, a headnote introducing each folklore section, and a headnote for each of the authors.
  • Produced in conjunction with the Smithsonian Institution, the audio CD is a one-of-a-kind collection of many of the poems, chants, and songs included in the book.