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 Critical Thinking
 Critical Thinking
Textbook Site for:
Thinking Critically, Seventh Edition
John Chaffee et al.
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Chapter 10: Constructing Arguments

Evaluating Arguments (p. 461)

Envirotruth: The Truth about Environmental Issues

This is the home page for Envirotruth, an organization that is devoted to, in their own words, “promoting truth in environmental activism.”

Greenpeace International Home Page

This is the home page for the well-known environmental organization Greenpeace. The site offers Greenpeace’s own version of “truth in environmental activism.”

Global Stewards Home: Sustainable Living & Environmental Activism

The Global Stewards have yet another “truth in environmental activism.” (Note the useful link to “Other Environmental Links,” a resource you can also go to directly:

Welcome to

This is the home page for the “truth” campaign against smoking, which you might recognize from recent advertisements on television.