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 Critical Thinking
 Critical Thinking
Textbook Site for:
Thinking Critically, Seventh Edition
John Chaffee et al.
Web Links
Chapter 1: Thinking

Living an “Examined” Life (p. 4)


Blogger is a site that allows users to start their own online diary. A blog (short for web log) is an electronic journal. Users can add an entry whenever they feel like it. You can make your journal public or private. Through you can find a list of other blogging sites (

Deciding On a Career (p. 20)

U.S. State Department: Careers

The U.S. State Department advertises career opportunities (including student programs) on this web site.

National Park Service: Employment Information

The National Park Service advertises jobs on this web site along with volunteer opportunities. Student internships can be found by contacting local National Park Service offices. This site also provides links to the National Council for Preservation Education ( and the Student Conservation Association (

Analyzing Issues (p. 30)


The NPR (National Public Radio) web site is a great resource for researching current news issues. You can also find in-depth analyses as well as commentary. Particularly useful is the NPR archive, which allows you to search for past news items.