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Critical Thinking
Critical Thinking
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Critical Thinking, Thoughtful Writing, Second Edition
John Chaffee et al.
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Chapter 6 Exploring Perceptions: Writing to Describe and Narrate

Exploring the Chapter Topic

Narrative Society Homepage
Maintained through Vanderbilt University, the Society for the Study of Narrative Literature is a scholarly organization that explores the elements of narrative in all its forms, from films to medical case studies.

Narrative Psychology: Internet and Resource Guide
This site explores how narrative---that is, organizing information, feelings, experiences, and events into stories--- intersects with and informs psychology.

Narrative Space
This personal web site discusses a new psychological approach that encourages people to rethink the stories they use to describe themselves, also known as "narrative therapy."

Exploring the Readings

Maria Muniz, "Back, But Not Home"
CubaNet News
A great site for news and views about Cuba, available in both English and Spanish.

Lonely Planet World Guide : Destination Cuba
This travel guide, provided by Lonely Planet, offers a brief description of Cuba along with facts about the island. Also useful is the clickable map of Cuba.

Daniel Goleman, "We Are Breaking the Silence About Death"
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, M.D.
Here is the transcript of an interview given by Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross to Dr. Daniel Redwood. Also available via a link at the bottom of the page is a review of Kubler-Rossí collection of essays entitled, On Life After Death.

Project on Death in America
This site is run by the Open Society Institute of New York. The mission of the Project on Death, as they make clear on their web site, is to explore issues surrounding "the culture and experience of dying and bereavement" in America. The site includes short articles and newsletters.