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 Critical Thinking
 Critical Thinking
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Critical Thinking, Thoughtful Writing, Second Edition
John Chaffee et al.
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Chapter 4 Making Decisions: Revising Purposefully

Exploring the Chapter Topic

Proofreading Symbols and Abbreviations
This list of common proofreader’s marks might prove useful as you edit your work and the work of others. Using a common set of editorial symbols can make it easier to communicate your revision suggestions to another writer without having to explain each suggestion at great length.

College and University Home Pages
If choosing a school for the next step of your education is a decision on your mind now, consult this extensive, indexed list of college and university web pages for institutions throughout the world.

Career Resource Center
This site is particularly useful for those who are actively job hunting, though provides a number of other career-related resources as well (including help with resumes). may be a useful starting point if you are considering moving to another city. It allows you to view profiles of cities throughout the U.S., with information about crime rates, cost of living, and tax rates.

Exploring the Readings

Amy Tan, "The Red Candle"
Art of China Homepage
This site offers information about Chinese art, music and language, as well as an extensive list of links to related sites.

The Salon Interview: Amy Tan
Here is an online magazine’s interview with Amy Tan, conducted in 1995. Tan discusses the success of her work as well as the inspiration for some of her characters and story ideas.

Traditional Festivals in China
This site offer information on festival days in China and how they are observed.
Paul Roberts, "How to Say Nothing in Five Hundred Words"
Do you think college football should be abolished? This site could be a good starting point for your research.
If you aren’t sure whether what you are saying is a cliché or not, check, an indexed (and seemingly inexhaustible) list of clichés, complete with definitions. Some entries also have country and origin information.