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 Critical Thinking
 Critical Thinking
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Thinking Critically, Seventh Edition
John Chaffee et al.
Author Biographies
Chapter 11: Reasoning Critically

"For a National Effort to Develop a Vaccine to Counteract AIDS" by Robert E. Pollack (p. 530)
Robert E. Pollack

Pollack grew up in Brooklyn, received a B.S. in physics in 1961 from Columbia College, and a Ph.D. in biology from Brandeis University. He conducted research and has taught Pathology and Microbiology. He has been a professor of Biological Sciences at Columbia since 1978 and served as Dean of Columbia College through most of the 1980s.

In 1994 Pollack turned his interest to questions that focus on the intersection of science, emotion, and religion. He directs the Center for the Study of Science and Religion and is a lecturer at the Center for Psychoanalytic Training and Research.

Columbia University awarded Pollack the Alexander Hamilton Medal, which recognizes "distinguished service and accomplishment in any field of human endeavor." He has also held a Guggenheim Fellowship.

Pollack has written numerous research papers, essays, editorials, and reviews on molecular biology, medical ethics, and science education. His books include Signs of Life: The Language and Meanings of DNA (which received the Lionel Trilling Award); The Missing Moment: How the Unconscious Shapes Modern Science; and The Faith of Biology and the Biology of Faith: Order, Meaning, and Free Will in Modern Science.