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Project-based learning is an instructional model for classroom activity that shifts emphasis away from practices of isolated, short term, teacher-centered lessons in favor of learning activities that are more long-term, interdisciplinary, and centered on the student. These projects are complex, centered around challenging questions or problems which involve students in investigative activities, problem-solving, design, and decision making.

The 5 classroom projects:
1. Model Rockets
2. Hiking the Appalachian Trail
3. The Egg-Drop Experiment
4. Mission to Mars
5. Literacy Skills & Reciprocal Teaching
These extended projects provide you with a framework for engaging in your own project-based experience

Each project:
  • Poses a problem or challenge
  • Provides project guidelines
  • Provides help modeling the process

Within projects, this icon links to information on generic teaching concepts to help you think about how to do project-based learning in your classrooms.

Projects are your work!

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