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Teaching Reading in Today's Elementary Schools , Eighth Edition
Paul C. Burns, Late of the University of Tennessee at Knoxville
Betty D. Roe, Tennessee Technological University, Cookeville
Sandra Smith, Tennessee Technological University
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Chapter 3: Word Recognition

Word Recognition Strategies: Word recognition strategies and skills help a reader recognize written words.

Sight Words: Sight words are words that can be recognized immediately on sight.

Context Clues: The words, phrases, sentences, and illustrations surrounding words to be recognized are context clues.

Phonics: Phonics is the association of speech sounds (phonemes) with printed symbols (graphemes). Structural Analysis: Structural analysis involves using units larger than single graphemes (such as prefixes and suffixes) to help decode words.

Dictionary Study: Dictionaries can help students determine pronunciations of words. They must be able to use the phonetic respellings and the pronunciation keys in dictionaries.

Word Recognition Procedure: Knowing a specific strategy for decoding unfamiliar words can help students attack these words more effectively.

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