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History of Economic Thought , Fourth Edition
Harry Landreth, Centre College
David Colander, Middlebury College
Timeline of Important Publications in Economics
Ancient-Fourteenth century

DateAuthorPublicationCommentHistorical Events
c.700 BCEGuan ZhongGuan Ziearly Chinese workZhou dynasty (1000 B.C. - 700 B.C.)

Central American Indians begin to practice agriculture (c. 8000 B.C. - 5000 B.C.)
400 BCEPlatoThe Republicethical issues in ancient Greece Classical Age in Greece

Peloponnesian War (431 B.C. - 404 B.C.)
c.310 BCEAristotle Politics ethical aspects of exchange in ancient GreeceHellenistic Age (350-150)

Alexander the Great (356-323)
c.1110Abu Hamid Al-Ghazali Ihya Ulum AI Din Arab-Islamic thoughtTurkish Seljuk rule in Khurasan (1036-1157)

First Crusade (1096-1097)
c.1273Thomas Aquinas Summa Theologicaclassic on ethics and economic activity Magna Carta (1215)

Construction of the Chartres cathedral (1220-1260)

Windmills in increased use (1200s)

Religious orders founded (1210s)

Champagne fairs begin to promote regional trade (1286)
c.1377 Ibn Khaldun or here The Mugaddimah Arab-Islamic thoughtReign of Timur (1370-1405)

Egypt infected by plague (ca. 1350)