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Macroeconomics , Sixth Edition
William Boyes, Arizona State University
Michael Melvin, Arizona State University
Web Links
Chapter 9: Macroeconomic Equilibrium: Aggregate Demand and Supply

Economic Report of the President The Economic Report of the President contains a good discussion of recent U.S. macroeconomic performance. The site listed above contains a searchable version of each recent report since 1996. If you prefer, you may also browse through the full text of the Economic Report of the President.

Employment and Unemployment Statistics: Most Recent Release
This site, provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, contains the most recent statistical information on U.S. labor market conditions.

Macroeconomic data sites
An extensive collection of links to sources of current and historical macroeconomic data.

Monetary Policy Report to Congress
This page contains links to the semi-annual reports by the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors on the state of the U.S. economy. Adobe's Acrobat viewer plugin is needed to access the more recent pages. This may be downloaded for free by visiting Adobe's web site